Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wanna come jump?

I think we might be crazy but we are renting this for Parker's birthday party in a few weeks. His cousin, Carter had this at his party this summer and Parker really liked it. Several neighbor kids have had something similar too so now it is Parker's turn! His theme is Scooby Doo and we were excited to see that they have a Scooby face to put on it!

I called today and left a message telling them I "wanted a bouncer for a birthday party in September..." Tonight while we were eating supper, a lady called and Jonathan answered. She said, someone left them a message and said they wanted a bouncer for a party and she wanted me to know I had left a message at the wrong number! How embarassing... I had actually called the bouncer place back later today and apparantly got the number right because they said, "Bouncer's Unlimited" when the recording began. I knew then I was in trouble, because I had not heard that message earlier today! I bet that lady wonders what kind of party I am having since I am wanting to rent a "bouncer!" Dear me...



That is too funny. My sister tried to call me the other day and when "I" answered she started singing a really dumb song. Then had a conversation with this person asking them who taught us this song. They said they'd never heard it before and she insisted they did. Finally she figured out she didn't have me on the line at all. loL! She's still embarrassed over it. The good thing is, you'll more than likely never see the lady :)

Jody J

That's hilarious! She might look you up and come to your party!


That is too funny! Thanks for sharing your embarrassing moment with us. Hope Parker has a fun party. Our church rents those things for our annual fall picnic and the kids LOVE them - especially Bryson with all the energy he has. :)


Well, I knew we had some wild relatives but I didn't think you were one of them! LOL!! J/K!

That will be so much fun! Our neighbors just had one of those last weekend & my kids were drooling! :)


I had to laugh at you leaving a message about a "bouncer" for your party, on the wrong person's answering machine. That's funny. Sounds like something I could do too. =)

Have a great weekend in Jesus,
Heather =)

Angie Davis

There's another Gene Davis in our town and one year, his wife was in charge of scheduling all the Bell Ringers for the Salvation Army. Dozens of people called here and left messages! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.