Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And another babysitter says goodbye...

Yesterday was our babysitter, Jenny Grissom's last day to babysit for us. She teaches in our Christian Day School and they start back next week so it was goodbye to Wesley and Jenny for now. Parker loved having them here and said he and "Weswee" are best friends! (He loved it because Wesley would play ball with him, play trains, build airplanes, etc!) They all loved Jenny and had fun this summer with the Grissom's!
This is now the 2nd babysitter we have gone through this year! If I thought about it, I could get a complex but I know why they had to quit! Heather got married and moved to Louisiana! (She is coming home for a visit this week! YEA! We hope to see her!) We also knew that having Jenny was only a temporary fix since she teaches in our school!
Thanks Wesley and Jenny for a fun summer with our kids! They enjoyed it and loved having you here!! We are very grateful too!!

The Walden family!


Angie Davis

Bring 'em up to Frankfort every day. I'll use that fat paycheck to fix the dryer and get my dishwasher! :)

Karen Walden

We would definitely have to get them up before breakfast to do that! Too bad you aren't a tad bit closer...


I just realized that you had twins, how cute they are! =) Sorry, you are on the look-out for another good babysitter, may God guide you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here's a comment I posted today.
Thank you, ladies, for your concern and prayers! The fact is that Phillip does wear a money belt, and had it on, but we had just made a purchase and so he had just shoved the rest of the money he had in his hand in his pocket, rather than putting it "away"!

We do Thank the Lord for His protection!

Heather =)