Thursday, August 16, 2007


Jonathan had to go out of town for a couple of days this week to Memphis, Tenn. He got in late last night. Of course, if you know Jonathan well, you will know that he is quite the Elvis fan!!! Today marks the #30th anniversary of Elvis' death and he said the town of Memphis was hopping! He didn't have time to go and visit Elvis, let alone even drive by Graceland, but he sure thought about it! He brought home Reese Cup's from Memphis that are Peanut Butter and Banana flavored!! Can you believe they make those because of Elvis?!

Anyway, thought you might enjoy these Halloween pictures I took of Jonathan a few years ago. It was the first year we took Parker trick or treating and since he had to walk with Parker, he decided to dress up himself. Such a nut...

I think he was dressing up like the "fat Elvis!" :0)

Anyone want his sweaty scarf???



We'll let you keep his scarf - lol

Leanna Pitcher

How funny :) Thanks for sharing the pics!

Jody J

That's great. Did he get a lot of candy?


That is a HOOT! I love it.....!

Angie Davis

Gene and I were just wondering--is he really Elvis there, or is he doing Liberace? ;)


I will leave the Liberace impersonations to someone else! Some of you may not realize that Elvis did often play a piano in his concerts. Check out this clip from Youtube from Elvis' last concert which took place in Indy just 6 weeks before he died.

Karen Walden

Sorry he's such a nerd girls!!!