Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Okay, so it is officially now Tuesday but I am still awake so here it goes! Michelle has started a theme of sharing receipe's on Monday's so I thought I would share one with you all this time! I got this receipe from my mother-in-law, Fayerene Walden. This week's theme is veggies/side dishes!

Rice Casserole:

1 can consume' beef broth soup (Campbell's)
1 can french onion soup (Campbell's)
1 cup brown rice (I use Uncle Ben's)
1 stick melted butter
1 can mushrooms

Mix all ingredients together. Bake covered for 1 1/2 hrs at 325 degrees!

(Thanks Mom Walden!)

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday night tidbits...

Last night, we had our "5th Sunday Sing" at church! It is something new we are trying and everyone seems to enjoy it! Anyone that wants can participate, and we have people sing that night that normally don't ever get up front! Just a fun evening and something different to do 4 times a year!!!

At the beginning of the service, my Grandpa had a little boy come up front and show everyone how big of a fish he had caught on his vacation! He held his arms out and showed everyone and was grinning. (He caught a 30 inch fish and just turned 6!) Everyone clapped for him! Well, Parker had been watching all of this and he leaned over to me and said, "Mom, can I go up front and show everyone my muscles?" :) I about cracked up, but quickly told him "No" and to please sit in his seat...

Parker sang with us for the first time in church last night also! He sang LOUD and had a mic as well! He doesn't quite sing on tune all the time and it makes it difficult for me to keep on the correct lead notes, but we survived and everyone loved it. Parker was so excited about singing. Guess we better not discourage him by telling him he can't carry a tune!!!

When I went to put my glasses on this morning, they seemed to not feel just right and were sitting a little crooked. I discovered that one of the nose pads is MIA! Guess that warrents the kids and I a trip to town today! YEE HAW!

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monkey see, monkey do...

(Monkey get in trouble too!) We call Miss. Paige "Monkey Do" around here! She is such a copy cat and is always getting into trouble for it! I found her this shirt at Target and just "had" to get it for her!
I had to work today so Jonathan was home with the kids for 14+ hours and did he ever have a time! Paige got put in her "time out bed" three times today by her daddy! :( She was such a naughty girl, she pealed a piece of my apple wallpaper off of my dining room wall today! Yikes... Jonathan tried to get her to say "bad girl" but she will only say, "bad bo!" I cannot imagine the terrible two's! Dear me...
Below are a couple of recent photos of the kids. The little boy with Parker is his friend, Collin Dunn. Parker is 11 days older than him and tower's over him! This was taken at Collin's house last weekend!
We are having a "5th Sunday sing" tomorrow night at our church! Maybe I will sneak in my camera! Hope I remember to turn the flash off!! :)
Happy Sabbath...

July 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007


This story happened some time ago and for some reason I had never shared it with all of you! I just thought of it again this evening and decided to let you in on the chuckle!

Jonathan's parents were here babysitting the kids and they had brought down some "Zingers" with them. Jonathan's dad told Parker to "try one" and gave him a chocolate one to try! Parker took one bite, looked at the zinger and sat it down by his plate. He didn't say anything and didn't eat any more of it! A few minutes later, Jonathan's dad asked Parker if he was going to eat any more of the zinger! Parker shook his head "no!" Jonathan's dad asked Parker if he liked the zinger and Parker very seriously said, "No, I don't like that bird poop that is inside of it!" Grandpa Don about cracked up!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Parker and Pauline!

Several of you may know this lady!!! Pauline is a dear lady in our church who has been the nursery teacher for over 30 years! She was my teacher as well as several of you bloggers! She is now teaching my children and they all love her! She is in her early 80's now, recently diagnosed with colon cancer, (She has been hiding that from everyone) has been doing radiation, and loves driving her new convertible! Parker loves Pauline's car without a roof!" She takes him for rides around the parking lot and he thinks he is big stuff... (Some of you may remember her doing donuts in the church parking lots years ago!) A sweet lady who has taken care of many babies in her lifetime! I snapped this picture of the two of them a week ago and wanted to share it with those of you who know her! She is someone who never changes!!!

Sears pictures...

Monday, July 23, 2007


Mary Jane got a great report today! Everything came back "clear" in the final report! She was so happy when she called. Said she is feeling good and so glad to finally get that report back!!! She will still do radiation sometime but doesn't know those details yet! Thank you all for praying for her!!

Tonight we went to Sears for pictures! Another nightmare as usual. I just dread getting the kids pictures taken! The twins are nothing like Parker and never smile for the photographer! It is so hard getting two infants to look at the camera at the same time and for both of them to smile! Parker has always done great so they have high standards to live up to, and they are not doing too hot!!! We did a family shot, one of the twins together being sober, and Parker by himself! Not at all what I had in mind but I was completely "over it" by that point in time!! Maybe when they are #2 they will do better! (Doubt it but wishful thinking anyway!)

I left my camera at my Mom's yesterday so I don't have any new photos to post of our weekend. We spent it with our friends and ran all weekend!

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bad grammer...

Today, we were at my Mom's for dinner, and afterwards "someone" obviously had a dirty diaper! Mom said, "Okay, who's poopy?" Peyton immediately replied, "Me are!"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our friends the Myers...

This past Sunday, we were privileged to get to see our good friends, the Myers! Jonathan used to sing with John and Todd Myers in the "Singing Friends" quartet! He traveled with them for 4 years and knew them well! They are a great bunch of people and we don't get to see them very often anymore! We got to see John and Monica's house which was very neat! Such a peaceful place to live! Todd came to hear Jonathan sing and I just had to get his picture! (He is one of those silent bloggers who never comments!!!) Parker really liked Janae and loved her kitten! It was great to see all of you again!!!

Cute phrases...

Peyton and Paige are really developing quite a vocabulary! Peyton seems to talk more than Paige ,but both can pretty much say whatever they want! Peyton loves to say really fast, "I get you!" His new phrase as of last week comes from one of Parker's talking race tracks. (Most of you probably are familiar with CARS the movie that came out over a year ago!) Lightening McQueen says, "Speed...I am speed!" and Peyton now says, "Peed, I am peed!" That statement is actually quite true most of the time!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mary Jane Update...

Chuck just called and said that Mary Jane came through her surgery just fine. The preliminary reports of the lymph nodes are "clear" but they have to wait a few days for the final report! Chuck and Mary want to thank everyone for your prayers!!!!

Remember Mary Jane today!!!

Today around 1:30pm, Mary Jane is to have her surgery for Breast Cancer. Please remember her in your prayers. She is planning to stay over night and go home some time tomorrow. She won't be able to lift her arm for 2 weeks which means she can't comb her hair! (I told her to let Chuck do it for her... She bought a hat instead!)
They plan to do a round of radiation on her sometime in the near future. Please keep her and Chuck in your thoughts and prayer especially today, but in the days ahead as well!!

Thanks again everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Family time...

Here are some of the pictures I took on Sunday afternoon at the Edwards house! It was a fun day and we really enjoyed being with everyone. LuRhe cooked a delicious meal too as always!!!
Thanks Jonathan and LuRhe for your hospitality! Love you all!

A day with the Edwards

Monday, July 16, 2007

Amishville USA!

Sunday morning, Jonathan had his "annual solo concert" at Amishville in Berne, Indiana! He has been singing at this campground for 15 years now and the past 11 years by himself! It is a really neat camp with lots of RV's and retired people spending their weekends there! We love to go to this place and look forward to it every year! They have "Chapel on the hill" and have a different singer or group come each week! It starts at 9:30am and only lasts one hour! (We don't even have to dress up as it is outdoors!) People bring their lawnchairs and sit on the hillside and listen to the ministry! It is a fun time and an annual event for the Walden family! Jonathan's brother, Donnie, brings tons of sound equipment as you can see from the pics below! (Jonathan says Donnie is the brains of the ministry!) We enjoy getting to spend the day with Donnie, Cammie and Jenny! As a bonus, we go to Jonathan and LuRhe's for dinner and spend the afternoon together! This is the only time of year we get to do this so it is a special treat for us! Jonathan's parents usually come, but couldn't this year as they are preaching in a camp right now in PA!
I took tons of pics and will post the one's at the Edwards farm another day! Right now it is time to shower and hit the hay!

Nite all!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Today we all met Daddy at Parker's favorite restaurant for lunch! (Ugh!) It is a beautiful day here in Indiana and the weather is perfect! We decided to let him play on the playground after he finished eating. He always begs to do this but we never have the time! He had fun playing tag with some other kids there and the twins had fun watching through the window. We couldn't let them out there as they would've gotten trampled!
After lunch, we went to Mommy's favorite store!! TARGET!!! Yea! (It is impossible to leave that store without spending $100.00!)
Here are a couple of pictures I took today at lunch! Can you believe my camera even goes with me to McDonald's???

Hope you all have a great weekend!!
Lunch at McDonald's!

We love our sweet corn!

There's nothing like a fresh ear of sweet, corn on the cob!! My in-law's grow it in their garden every year and we love it! I have even told my father-in-law to plant an entire row for just me!! I am teaching my kids to love corn like their mommy! Jonathan doesn't care for it too much because he doesn't like to get it in his teeth~Poor baby!

Happy Friday Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fevers, snotty noses and fussy kids...

I called in to work today to stay home with my sick kids! (Now I am thinking I would've been better off to send them to Grandma's!) Peyton was up most of the night with a 102 degree temperature! Motrin would not bring it down. Finally, a combination of Motrin and Tylenol broke the fever at almost 6am! Paige doesn't have the fever but has the snotty nose and crankieness like her brother! I was lucky enough get the cough and snotty nose too! My camera is at my Mom's or I could take a few pictures of some gross looking kids for ya! So... I am staying home all day doing laundry, and trying to keep my sanity with screaming kids!!! (Thank goodness it is almost naptime!!!!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Carter's 3rd Birthday Party!

Yesterday was my nephew, Carter's, 3rd birthday! He had a Sponge Bob birthday party! They rented one of those huge blow up things for the kids to jump in and the kids had a blast! Carter was always on the run so we didn't really get a good picture of him the entire evening! Mom got pictures of his cake, I didn't have my camera out then! It was a fun night and we stayed outside until about 9pm. Kids were getting tired and we said our goodbyes! Happy 3rd Birthday Carter Jeffry!!! We love you!

Carter's 3rd Birthday party

Monday, July 9, 2007

Another memorable moment...

We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse also on our 9th anniversary and took Parker along with us! (Don't ask me why we did, I wouldn't do it again!) He was only 2 years old and we were constantly entertaining him, trying to keep him quiet and not make a scene in the restaurant! I do believe he was the only kid in the restaurant that evening!!!
Once again, our waiter brought us the black "Happy Anniversary" plate and the two chocolate covered strawberries on it! Of course, Parker thought he had to have one so we let him dig in to keep him quiet a little longer! We were sitting in this circular booth and had Parker wedged between us. As we were leaving, Jonathan slid across the booth to the other end to stand up. We were all walking out of this restaurant, Jonathan and Parker are ahead of me and I am looking at Jonathan's "almost white" pants... He had chocolate ALL OVER the back of his legs! Apparently, Parker had gotten chocolate all over the booth and Jonathan cleaned up his mess on his way out!!! He was mortified because it didn't look like chocolate at all... Needless to say, we did not end up going to Circle Center Mall to shop afterwards! We went straight to the car and came home! That was Parker's first and probably last trip to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and another night that we won't forget!!!

Check out this hilarious picture that our waiter took of us that evening! As you can see, Parker looked to be "full of himself" that night!!!!


On Friday night we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Indianapolis to celebrate our #11th anniversary! Jonathan's parents were babysitting and we were on a date! We have been to this steakhouse several times for "special" occasions! We LOVE the food there, especially their filets! They cook their steaks at 1800 degrees and serve them on a 500 degree plate, sizzling with butter! (Always ask for extra butter when you are ordering your steak too!) It is a very nice place to eat, not formal, but very elegant!

Towards the end of our meal, our waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything special that evening. Jonathan told her we were celebrating our #11th anniversary and she said she would bring us our some chocolate covered strawberries (which they have done in the past) as well as some champagne!!!!!!!!!!!! She walked off before we could say, Just bring the strawberries please!" While she was gone, I was saying, "What are we going to do? Let's stop her and tell her we really don't want the champagne, etc!" Jonathan thought they might bring it out in a bottle and we just wouldn't have to open it! (Now remember, we have been here multiple times, and for this same occasion, and they always bring the strawberries but never have they offered us champagne!)

The next time we see our waitress, here she comes bringing our shiny, black plate with two chocolate covered strawberries on it and "Happy Anniversary" written in white icing, AND our two glasses of poured champagne!!!!!!!!! Oh, no... now what do we do!? We thanked her and she left out table! I have never smelled champagne before but it smelled terrible, like beer to me! We just left our glasses bubbling while we ate our strawberries!
Jonathan now gets this bright idea to pour some of his champagne in his "almost empty" Coke glass so it will appear as if he drank some of it!!! (I still have not touched mine!) Our waitress comes by our table again later and grabs our Coke glasses and says, "I will get you two more refills..." I say to Jonathan, "Do you think she will bring out the same glasses?" He says, "NO...they wouldn't do that at a nice restaurant like this. They will get us new glasses!" I see her in the kitchen with a hose pouring our Coke into the glasses but didn't see if they were "new" or not... She brings out our new Cokes and sits them down... Jonathan picks up his glass, takes a huge gulp, and.....................................(you guessed it!) NOT new glasses! YUCK!!! Spiked Coke!!! I was dying laughing by this time! He said it tasted like fizzy vinegar!! Needless to say, I didn't try it and he didn't take another drink of Coke for the rest of the meal. He did put a hurt on his water glass though!! It was quite hilarious and we were dying laughing about the whole scenario! (Jonathan told me I might have to be the designated driver that evening!) He was fine, but says that has to be an acquired taste! He doesn't ever care to taste that again!

It was a fun and memorable evening but next year when we go, we will be sure to refuse the champagne!!! Lesson learned...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

18 months old!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Thompson!

Today is my Grandma's #79th birthday! I have a wonderful Grandma and have been priviledged to have her for my Pastor's wife my entire life. I have many great memories of my dear Grandma... praying around the altar with different ones, including myself, talking on the phone for many hours to the church ladies, getting blessed in a church service, working for hours in her yard, seeing her speeding down the highway, smelling her perfume when she walks in to church, and many, many more... Due to Grandma's current health condition, she is no longer able to perform most of these duties. In recent years she has suffered a heart attack, survived breast cancer and now is suffering from "memory loss..." She is still a faithful supporter of her family and church family and a real sweetheart! We miss the "old" Grandma very much but still love her dearly! Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! We love you very much and are glad we got to see you today!

Friday, July 6, 2007

That was then...This is now...

Jonathan was having some fun with the picture of our wedding party today and copied and pasted current pictures of everyone! It was so funny that I thought I would share it with all of you! (Jonathan has so much fun with things like this... Too much time on his hands!)
We had a great dinner and evening out for our anniversary, and I will have to share a hilarious part of the evening with you, but for now, Goodnight!!!

"Happy Anniversary to Us..."

Well...here they are! I only wish we looked that good again! Happy Anniversary, Jonathan! I can't believe it has been #11 years already! The time has really gone fast! (Remember when I used to pray that the Lord would "hold off" His returning until after I could get married!? How funny!) I love you very much and am looking forward to our "date" tonight!!!

Click on the picture below to view a few of our wedding photos!
Our Wedding Photos