Sunday, August 5, 2007

Power in Prayer...

Tonight after we got home from church, Parker was changing into his pajamas when all of a sudden, he devloped this severe pain in his left, lower abdomen. He asked Jonathan to "pray for it" like he always does when something hurts. However, this time he seemed more serious and the pain did not go away. We gave him Motrin, had him "try" to use the bathroom, (since it looked like it might be his bladder hurting) and gave him some water to drink. He wanted us to call "Papa" Bob and have him pray for Parker too! (He dearly loves my dad and says they are Best Buddies!) He just sat on my lap crying and ended up screaming extremely loud for about an hour. That was all I could take, so I called his pediatrician on call! After being on "hold" for about 15 minutes and finally talking to him, he said it sounded like I should probably take him to the ER to get checked out. He told me I could probably wait about 10-15 more minutes and see if it got any better and to try having Parker "hop" up and down off the ground to see if it was interferring with activity, walking, etc. I came out and told Parker what the doctor wanted him to do and he was still screaming at this point! Through tears he said, "Well... I can try to hop!" I told him if he couldn't hop we were going to the hospital! He jumped up and down multiple times and was jumping so hard I finally had to tell him to "stop!" He said, "I think I will go pee now." and ran to the bathroom and was able to go this time! He hollered out, "Mom, I am peeing now, call the doctor back and tell him I don't have to come to the hospital!" (I didn't know this, but he had told Jonathan he didn't want to go to the hospital because when Mommy went, they cut her belly and he didn't want them to cut his belly!) He ended up running out of the bathroom and straight to the table and started eating pizza and chips with WATER!!! There is no denying that a definite miracle took place in our house tonight! Parker called Papa back and told him "thank you" for praying for him! My dad told Parker he was "praying hard" for him! We were praying too but I bet it was Papa's prayers that got through!! Parker thinks so anyway!!! Parker prayed a "thank you" prayer to Jesus for healing him and it made me cry! He said, "You are supposed to be happy that Jesus answered Papa's prayer!!!"

Anyway, the doctor is still probably waiting for us to show up in ER and I will have to tell him my story when I see him at work!!! We tried to explain to Parker about hospitals and that not everyone gets "cut" every time they go there, but it is difficult to prove when Jonathan and I both have scars from that place!!! :)

He is miraculously better and sleeping soundly in his bed now!

"Thank you Jesus for a HUGE answer to prayer in our house tonight!!!"



Even though it is difficult at the time, isn't it a great feeling to have your children witness the "power of prayer" personally?

Neat story! I'm glad Parker is feeling better.


So glad he's feeling better and I'm sure his confidence with prayer and God is stronger than ever before!

Angie Davis

Yikes! That was a scary night, but God is good!

Jody J

That's so sweet!

Sherry Gates

That is good that his faith is so strong. SSSHHHH....don't tell but I used to listen to your dad pray when we had prayer standing. (yes, I was an adult.) I loved hearing him pray because it was like he was talking to his best friend. I eavesdropped before my mom left Col and he was asking God to make her a blessing here like he did there and I told her and she cried because she couldn't think of anytime she was a blessing!


I remember very vividly the day that Janae finally believed in the power of prayer. She'd had a very difficult run-in with a lab tech and they weren't sure they got enough blood. Up to that time she never wanted anything to do with prayer (it actually scared me even though she was young b/c Britnee was so eager to pray all the time). But we prayed in the waiting room that they would have enough blood to run the test and they did. She never fussed about praying at mealtime or bedtime after that!

Leanna P.

Wow, what an event. Sounds like it was a very difficult couple of hours, but I am glad everything turned out ok and that he started feeling better. God is good! :)