Friday, August 24, 2007

Too much sports...

This is definitely going to be a Jonathan weekend!!! We are going to an Indianapolis Indians game tonight and then a Colt's game tomorrow night! (In my opinion, that is too much sports for one weekend!) Jonathan and Parker can't wait!

Tonight we are going with several other friends and tomorrow night with one other couple! At least I will have some girls to talk with during the games! The best part... I'll get to eat ballpark Nachos!!!



I'm with you on that one Karen, too many games for one weekend! I think one sporting event a year is plenty, HA!

Angie Davis

One order of nachos for Angie--hold the ballgame. :)

Jody J

The food - yummy! The ballgame - well, never mind, but it would be nice to have an adult female to talk to!