Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat...

Halloween 2007

Carving Pumpkins...

Last night before bed we decided to help Parker carve two of our big pumpkins. He did a great job helping to clean them out but we had to do all the carving. It was a fun night together and they will look cute all lit up on our porch tonight!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2007

"I'd rather be old fashioned..."

Yesterday was our 2nd Old Fashioned Day and Pastor Appreciation Day at our church. I won't bore you with the same details so check out Annette's and Jenny Grissom's Blog. It was a special treat this year for Jonathan and I to have his sister, LuRhe and brother-in-law Jonathan Edwards and our 3 nephews and niece with us for the day! We don't get to be together very often so we really enjoyed our family time together! Jonathan Edwards gave us a wonderful message about "Bringing back the glory" and we got to hear several songs from their family. Sunday evening was an entire service full of singing and a great ending to a fun day! We really enjoy this tradition and hope to continue it for many years!
Old Fashioned Day 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pass the salt please...

A few minutes ago, I was sitting on the phone, chatting with a friend and wasn't paying much attention to the kids! They were running around in the family room laughing and playing so I thought everything was okay! Until... I saw the look on Parker's face!!!! Peyton was standing there dumping salt all over my coffee table and all over my carpet! I think I will lose my mind before these kids grow up...

I hate cold rainy days like these!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Eating razor blades...

Peyton came into the kitchen a couple of days ago holding one of my razors and had his tongue stuck out to show me! He had two cuts on his tongue and it was bleeding of course! Paige was right on his tail with yet another razor!!! Apparantly hers hadn't made it to her mouth yet! I quickly grabbed them, went to the bathroom and saw the shower door was opened. They had once again been "having fun in the bathroom!" What in the world will I do with them when they actually hit the terrible two's?????????

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Does Jonathan want to be a stay at home Dad???

Not on your life... Next time you see him, ask him about his Saturday at home with our kids! Especially bath time... Hee Hee!! I have never seen anyone look so forward to Monday as he is today!!!
Okay... I will tell you what the twins did this evening in the tub! Jonathan thought he would do me a favor and throw them in the tub before meeting me and the Killinger's at Mexico Veijo! (It was pretty thoughtful of him!) Jonathan was in the kitchen doing dishes and the babies were having the time of their lives in the tub. He decided to go and check on them and you would not believe what he found! They had grabbed the trash can, which was sitting by the tub, and dumped its contents into the water! There was the trash can floating in the tub, several saturated diapers and wads of toilet paper! (Earlier today they had strung this huge stream of TP down the hall and Jonathan ended up throwing most of it in the trash! Hence the trash can full of toilet paper!) By now, the tub was full of shredded TP and he had a huge mess on his hands and was going to be extremely late to the restaurant! He finally got the twins out of the tub, left the water and mess and ended up at the restaurant extremely late!!! Let's just say, the kids were not on Daddy's good list on this here "Sweetest day!"
Jonathan was able to fix the problem with a little help from Mr Wet/Dry vac and the bathroom looks as good as new!
(What I had forgotten to tell Jonathan was that yesterday, they had dumped the contents of that same trash can into the toilet! I went swimming in toilet water! I would much rather have been playing in tub water!)
Lesson #1: Leave the bathroom doors shut 24/7 at the Walden household.
Lesson #2: Never put anything in our trash cans!
Lesson #3: Don't do dishes while the twins are in the tub! It is amazing what they can accomplish in 5 minutes!!!

Happy Sweetest Day!

Happy Sweetest Day to my sweet hubby who is home with our three kids today while I work 12 hours! (We don't even celebrate this holiday, I was just looking for something to post! HA!) He is a wonderful husband and daddy though and I just want to say, "I love you Jonathan!" Hope you have a wonderful day at home with our "sweet" kids! HA!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's potty time...

On Tuesday, Mom was babysitting the kids while I was at work and caught Paige getting ready to go potty in her diaper. She rushed her to the bathroom and for the first time ever...Paige went #2 in the potty! Yea...
Yesterday, Paige went #1 in the potty for the first time ever for our babysitter! Yea again...
Last night and this morning I sat Peyton on the potty and he went #1 both times! Yea again...
Maybe we are finally going to get somewhere and get rid of these yucky diapers! (I seriously doubt they will be fully trained anytime soon but it is a step in the right direction!)
(Now... if we can only get Buddy potty trained, we will have one happy Mommy and Daddy!!!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, we like Pumpkins...

We took the kids on Saturday afternoon for our annual "pumpkin patch" photo shoot! This year was even more difficult to get three sets of eyes looking at the camera. We didn't even try for three smiles!!! Hope everyone is having a nice fall now that the weather is finally cooperating!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy #40th Duane and Luana...

Today is my cousin's #40th wedding anniversary! (Luana and my Mom are first cousin's making her my 2nd!) Duane and Luana live in Overland Park, Kansas and had a nice dinner out on Friday evening with their two daughter's and son-in-laws! They have 7 grandson's and 1 granddaughter! I just heard tonight they have another one on the way!! (More power to ya Paula... :) Their youngest daughter is only 4 days older than me. Our families have a lot of great memories of times together when we kids were growing up! Visiting them in Fulton, Missouri, Debbie begging Dad to tell a joke, Lu banging the girls heads with a brush, camping memories, etc! I couldn't pass up this opportunity to share these wedding photos with you! My mom was the matron of honor! Check our Lu's "cat eye" glasses! Classic indeed!!!

Happy Anniversary Duane and Luana!
Jonathan, Karen, Parker, Peyton & Paige

Friday, October 12, 2007

Drumroll please...........

Parker is the winner!! Yea! Sorry Gene and Angie! Don't give Jonathan too hard of a time, he isn't a big softie, just a great daddy!!! He has already let us know that he is not doing anything to help take care of this furry friend! Parker and the twins are thrilled with the new addition and Mommy is okay with it as long as it doesn't make messes!

"Buddy" is only 2 pounds and would quickly freeze to death outside. (No comments Jonathan or Davis family!) We have a kennel for him to stay in and last night he cried himself to sleep in the kitchen! We did not give in and go get him!

Parker was so cute with Buddy that his Daddy couldn't resist caving! :) What a great daddy! Parker told him thank you for letting him bring Buddy home and Jonathan just smiled! The only bad thing is these dogs seem to live forever! (Although most of them don't grow up around my rowdy 1 1/2 year old twins!)

So...the Walden family has grown again, the only way possible!!! Now, lets all start pressuring the Davis' to get Connor one more birthday present!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who wins???

We are heading home today and you are probably wondering who has won the puppy poll?! Is Jonathan a big softie or a big toughie? Indiana updates to follow... :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Having a fun day!

Today we went to the Louisburg Cider Mill! It was a really neat little trip for the kids and the weather was beautiful! We got to see where they make the cider, saw a huge pile of apples getting ready to be washed, and got to watch a lady make fresh cider donuts! They were "deewishish" according to Parker! They had pumpkins for sale and we just had to bring one home! (Like we don't have pumpkins back in Indiana, we have to haul one over 500 miles home!)

We grabbed lunch to go at McDonald's and headed to a local park. We swatted flies while trying to eat but it was the "atmosphere" that made it so much fun! After lunch the kids enjoyed the playground and then we headed home to see Daddy and the rest of the gang!

Here are a few pictures of our fun day with Aunt Carol!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A new best friend...

Parker couldn't wait to get to Kansas and see the puppies. He had no idea there would be one "reserved" just for him! (The Wheeler's have been saving this puppy just for Parker much to his Daddy's dismay!) He has quickly bonded with little Henry and is begging to take him home! So far, he hasn't been able to talk his Daddy into taking the dog home! This morning before church, I overheard him playing with the puppies in the kitchen and heard this... "Dear Jesus, please help my daddy to change his mind and let me take the puppy home with me, in Jesus name... Amen!" I about cried. Talk about pulling on daddy's heartstrings!! Here are a few pictures of Parker and his little buddy!
An excited Parkerman!!!
Daddy not looking too thrilled at this situation!
Getting acquainted with Parker...
Can I please take him home to Indiana???Cousin Kelcie with Henry and his sister, Exie!

Friday, October 5, 2007 we come!

It has been a busy week at the Walden household and we can't seem to find a place to slow down! We have been gone about every night and are heading to Kansas in the morning bright and early! No, we are not "off to see the wizard..." We are heading to see my aunt Carol and Uncle Garry and their three kiddos! (They met us at Disney World this summer for those of you that saw them in the pictures!)

Tonight we are going to a "Fall Festival" at our Christian School and they've promised good food, games and a hay ride! Parker can't wait! I don't really have the time to go but don't want to disappoint him so I will pack later! I have finally got my Mount Everest pile of laundry done and my wonderful Mom came to help me fold it all!! So... packing shouldn't be too horrible once I finally get started!!

Blogging will be scarce next week as we will be busy visiting and taking lots of pictures! They do have a computer and internet so I may try to post some of the time!

Wish us luck on our 8+ hour drive tomorrow! Parker gets extremely car sick and has thrown up 4 times before on this same trip! Makes for wonderful car odors.. His doctor said we can try a half of a Dramamine pill! (That should be fun trying to get that shoved down his throat without him throwing up!)

When we get back, revival will be in progress so we will be gone every night to that too! (The Cassady's will be our singers!)

Anyway, fall is in the air here and we are excited! I just love this time of year! Have a great weekend and I will be in touch!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Snotty noses, shots, screams, sore thighs...

Sound like a fun day? We had a visit with Dr. Guse first thing this morning! Boy did we ever cause an uproar in the doctor's office!!! The twins were getting their 18 month shots a little late and Parker was getting his Kindergarten shots since he recently turned #5! (I thought I might as well make them all mad at once instead of taking him back by himself later!)

We had told Parker that he would only be getting 2 shots today. However, we found out when we got there that they were out of the MMR combo and he had to get 3 separate shots for the MMR instead! I agreed for them all to get their Flu shots which gave them all another poke! (Parker was NOT thrilled!) I held his arms down while two nurses went after his thighs! He screamed and I tried to muffle his mouth! He ended up getting 5 shots instead of the 2 we promised!!! (Ooops!) He says he is never going back to that doctor again!!! (I didn't realize that when I agreed to the Flu shot it was a two part deal! They all have to return in a month for the "rest of the story!") Parker would probably just rather take his chances of getting the flu!!!
Miss. Paige's iron level was low so she now has to be on Iron drops once a day! It smells nasty and the bottle says to be sure to rinse her teeth after giving it! (It has other nasty side effects too which I won't elaborate on!!! :) In the meantime, I guess I need to try to get her eating more food high in iron!!! (Dr. Guse said she is just already being our high-maintenance child!!!)

They were all cranky afterwards but a little McDonald's and Tylenol cheered them right up! They are now back to their normal selves, fighting, wiping their snot all over me, trashing the house, etc!!! On that note... I have a messy house calling my name! Hope your Monday has been better than mine...