Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blame in on Angie!

Angie has given me the fever to try out a new template! I have actually been trying to get a new one for some time now and have messed it up several times! I finally gave up but decided to try again when I saw Angie doing it! Bear with me as I am not as computer minded as some...



I like it!


I'd say you have the fever...I've checked your blog 3 times today...Not stocking you, really...
1st to actually read it,
2nd to get someone elses b/c I don't know how to get there w/out clicking on your links,
3rd to let you know I've started one...if you's not very exciting, but it's me. Grissom

Karen Walden

Thanks for letting me know Jenny! I have already added you to my ongoing list!!! Welcome...