Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kyle the Marine...

We had a pitch-in dinner today celebrating Kyle Killinger becoming a Marine as of Friday! He is a third cousin of mine and a first cousin of fellow blogger's Denise and Nicole! His family was able to fly out to California and attend his graduation ceremony and had some really good photos of their weekend! It was good to see Kyle again today at church. He is home on a 10 day leave and will go back for another 8 weeks. Please remember Kyle in your prayers as he continues his training. Here are some pictures I took today for his family and friends to enjoy!

Click on the photo below to view more pictures of Kyle!
Kyle the Marine



WOW!! Kyle looks like a different guy!! A good looking young man. The military has a way of doing that :o) Our oldest son, Brett, joined the Air Force 1 1/2 years ago and it really changes them. Kyle, we are proud of your accomplishments. You look great! Hope you can come out to see us this coming weekend!! Karen, I've never met you, but thanks so much for posting these pictures for us! (Kyle is my nephew for anybody not knowing :)))

Karen Walden

You are quite welcome! Isn't it funny how we feel like we know everyone just through blogging?! :)
Maybe we can meet sometime when you come out to visit your brother!

Gene Davis

It is hard to believe that he is all grown up. We are proud of Kyle!!!


Congrats Kyle! He and I share a birthday and I remember a little boy always waiting to wish me a happy birthday when I came to church -- now he looks so grown up and mature! (sniff,sniff)


BTW - I like the new sign out in front of the church.


Awww, thanks for posting these Karen. I was sorry we couldn't come. Thanks for the email too - I appreciated that!

He looks like a young man but yet I still see a little boy in his face. ;)

I'm so proud of him!

Sherry Gates

Congratulations to Kyle. Karen did you eat fudge?

Karen Walden

I sure did, was it from you all? It was very good as usual. I saw my Jonathan had some on his plate too! Thanks for sending it if it was yours...

Sherry Gates

Yes, Daniel made it because your grandma loves it!

Karen Walden

She always has loved peanut butter! Me too! That is the only kind of fudge I will eat!


my lil brother all grown up!!!! Hes son handsome n im so proud of him:-)