Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy #40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today my parents will celebrate 40 years of marriage! Quite a milestone! They didn't want us to do an open house for them so my brother and his wife along with Jonathan and I, took them to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on Friday evening. We ended the evening with a carriage ride! (All 6 of us in one carriage, we thought we gave that horse a real workout!) It was quite an enjoyable night out without any children! I will post some pics of our dinner out later but wanted to post some of these old wedding photos for you all to enjoy! Check out some of the eye glasses!!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Enjoy your weekend in Shipshewana next weekend and your Greater Vision concert!!
We love you very much!!!
May you have at least 40 more years of marriage together!!!

Karen and family
Jeff and family
Mom and Dad's Wedding



Happy Anniversary! Enjoyed looking at the wedding photos.


Loved the wedding photos. My parents have been married 40 years too. The weddings looked so much alike! Very cute!

Angie Davis

I love the photos. (And the Ruth's Chris steaks...) At least you didn't ride your carriage the wrong way down a one way street in the middle of a police convention! :)