Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bethel Quartet...

Don Bates Jr and his family will be spending the day with us tomorrow. Don will be preaching in the am service and then we will have a concert in the evening service. He is planning on singing half solo and the second half will be a quartet consisting all of Bethel Holiness Christian School Alumni! Don will sing tenor, Jonathan lead, Randy Dunn baritone, David Wetherald bass, and Annette Killinger playing the piano. They all graduated from our school so thought it would be fun to get together and sing a little. Tonight we went to the church to hear them practice and of course my camera was in my diaper bag. Parker and I took some pics of them practicing! (They were too busy singing to pose for us!) If you aren't busy tomorrow evening, come to our church and hear the concert! Church starts at 6pm!

Gotta run! The Bates family will be eating dinner with us and spending the afternoon here so my alarm clock will be going off extra early...



Oh how fun! If you get this before you leave for church, tell Wetheralds I said hello! Do you hear much from Melissa?

Karen Walden

Michelle: It was a lot of fun having Donnie and Amy and the boys today! The guys had a blast singing together! (Sorry, I didn't read this until after church!) No, I don't ever hear from Melissa either. I saw her in March at Heather Gardner's wedding! I hadn't seen her in years! Jonathan and Donnie are good friends and keep in touch frequently!


How fun! Donnie Bates preached at our church the Sunday night before my dad passed away on Tuesday. I knew it was going to happen soon b/c he preached on "tomorrow" and how God will be there no matter what happens (or something along that line). Great sermon! And he sang too, Jesus is Still the Answer...he has a powerful voice.