Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pass the cheese balls...

My mom bought us this enormous bucket of cheese balls for the kids! They absolutely love them and won't eat anything else if they are on the table! We have to make them stop eating them... I just love what it does to their little fingers too! Ugh... We have made a good "dent" in this bucket already! Thanks Mom!!! We'll let you know when we get to the bottom...


Angie Davis

I like the hot air balloon one! Connor is mad at me for not keeping the one with the goldfish bowl.


We would have to have one of those popcorn cans filled with different kinds of chips because Ashlee likes Cheetos and not Doritos and Steven like Doritos and no Cheetos and Kelcee likes both.

Karen Walden

Angie: Hope you don't mind me choosing this one, you can have it if you like! I had another one but didn't like how it put our name on the header...

Michelle: Parker doesn't like Doritos but the twins do! At least they all like Cheetos/cheese balls!!! (I like any kind of chip!)


Awesome template. I'm trying to talk Tony into taking me to a hot air balloon show next Saturday!! I DID take him to a Colt's game...


Oh, forgot to comment on the cheeseballs. A girl at school eats cheetos with a spoon. I had to laugh but completely understand. I remember walking into Sherry Gates' house one day when she lived up the road from me and Jonathon had turned orange!!! His highchair was COVERED with cheese (remember, Sherry?) I couldn't imagine having to clean it but now I understand the things you will do for a few minutes of peace! lol!!


Michelle, that's called Munchies :) I know a lady that said she would never pay for a snack that looked like that (cheetos, doritos, pretzels and something else I think) b/c she had that in the bottom of her tupperware container already :):)


MmmmMM! :)

My kids would wolf those down in a heartbeat!

Sherry Gates

Yes, I do remember and I think he was also eating oreos! I have a pic of it. I was either a fun mom or a lousy one...depends on how you look at it! My MIL makes her own munchies!