Thursday, February 28, 2008

First time for everything...

Well, I guess I had a senior moment earlier tonight and did something I had never done before! (After I got off work, I met Jonathan and the kids for supper! No, it wasn't Johnny Carino's either! :) When we were finished, I started digging through my purse to get my keys! No luck... not in my coat pocket either! I had parked way down at the end of the lot so I trotted off in hopes to find my vehicle unlocked!!! luck! The doors were locked and there was my shiny key chain hanging from the steering column!!! Oh no! I had to tell Jonathan I needed a ride home with him! Needless to say, he was not bragging on me any!!! He hauled us all home, grabbed his set and back to town we go! Parker kept asking, "Mom, why did you leave your car at the restaurant?" "Why are you riding with us?" "Why did you lock your keys in the car?" I was feeling pretty brilliant by this time! Anyway, I got my vehicle and off to Kroger's I went! No real damage done! Lesson learned tonight though..."Only lock my vehicle with my keypad in hand, never from the door panel it self!"

Thanks for all your input on my dessert for tomorrow evening. I think I will try the cake recipe with Carmel, cool whip and heath bars! I am planning on trying the others as well, just not all in one evening! They all sound yummy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ideas anyone???

I mentioned that on Friday evening we are having dinner with friends. I am to make a dessert of some kind. Spaghetti and Lasagna are on the menu. Any ideas of a good dessert that would go with this meal???
We are so excited to get to spend a night with friends without kids! (Thanks for changing your plans Mom and Dad Walden!) We have a fun night of snacks and games planned! Can't wait...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This week's menu plan...

Okay! I decided to join the trend and let you know what our menu looks like for this week! (This is what happens when you work full-time 12 hour shifts and have so many kids they can't fit in the cart at the grocery store!!! :)
  • Monday~Fazoli's
  • Tuesday~Long John Silver's
  • Wednesday~McDonald's (on the way to church)
  • Thursday~Johnny Carino's
  • Friday~Dinner with friends~Spaghetti and Lasagna
  • Saturday~Texas Roadhouse
  • Sunday~Dinner at Mom's

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recent photos...

Nothing exciting has been going on around here lately so I thought I would post some random, recent photos of our kids! Have a nice, restful Sabbath...
Nothing exciting has been going on around here lately so I thought I would post some random, recent photos of our kids! Have a nice, restful Sabbath...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Road trip...

Tonight we are planning on going to a viewing for our sister-in-law's Grandfather. The viewing will be in Indianapolis which isn't too far away for us. Parker however, gets extremely car sick on rides that are very long at all. Jonathan was telling Parker that we had to go somewhere in Indianapolis tonight. Parker replied, "Are you kidding me? I will get sea sick!" :) Jonathan then proceeded to tell them that we would see Grandpa and Grandma Walden, Uncle Don, Aunt Cammie and Jennie! Parker looked at him and said, "Is somebody dying or something?" (Is that the only time he thinks we get with the Walden's???) Good grief...

It is starting to spit snow here now and I haven't heard the latest forecast, but I doubt it will be enough to keep us home. Jonathan thinks he can go anywhere as long as he has 4-wheel drive!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The prayers continue...

Tonight after supper, Parker told Jonathan that today while he was playing his Playstation 2 baseball game, he "prayed to Jesus to make Derek Jeter to hit a home run...and he DID!" (I think we are going to have to have a talk really soon...)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Parker's special prayer request!

Today in Jr Church they were taking their usual prayer requests and Parker had his hand up! He requested prayer for his "friend that was a baseball player for the New York Yankees who had died!" (He was wanting them to pray for Babe Ruth!!!!!!!!! ;) He also requested prayer for his Daddy's knee that he hurt over 2 years ago and for his Grandma who "had" been sick, and someone else who lived far, far away that was sick, but he couldn't remember who it was!! Whew... Glad I wasn't the teacher today! I would've had a hard time praying for "The Babe!"

He was very sincere though so we tried not to laugh about it! He really believes in the power of prayer and we do not want to hinder that!
(Just thought it was too cute not to share!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Our "romantic" evening...

As I had mentioned in a previous post, Jonathan had a haircut scheduled for 5:30pm on Valentine's day! (As you can imagine, I was thrilled beyond words that he had chosen Feb 14th to get a haircut for himself as well as the boys!) I failed to mention that he does not get his haircut here in our town!!! After living in Columbus for almost 12 years now, he continues to drive 30 minutes away because she is the only person that can cut his hair!
So... I decided that Paige and I would ride along so we could be together for Valentine's day! (I also had in mind that he could take us out to eat afterwards!) We arrived on time for his appointment but of course, the hairdresser was running behind! I sat in the car with the twins for over an hour before Jonathan and Parker were done! She didn't even have time to cut Peyton's hair! (I was really enjoying my Valentine's Day evening!! :)
For our supper, I had chosen a small Mexican restaurant close by and we thought it wouldn't be too crowded! Afterall, who wants authentic Mexican on Valentine's Day?! (EVERYBODY!) The place was packed! They were able to seat us fairly quickly and we devoured the basket of chips and salsa in no time! We kept thinking it was taking an extremely long time to get our food! The waiter kept coming by an saying "Sorry Amigo!" We finally found out they were short on cooks that night! Finally over an hour later, we got our food! The kids were completely starved and had pigged out on goldfish and cereal that I found in the diaper bag! They devoured their spanish rice and Parker licked his plate clean!
I started not feeling so hot half way through my meal and was ready to be home! When Jonathan went to pay, the guy at the register told him, "You don't owe anything!" Jonathan kept saying, "Are you sure? It's okay, etc!"
In the end, Jonathan got off really cheap for his Valentine's date ($4.00 tip!) and it pretty much killed the entire evening! I was sure glad I didn't have anything else planned for that night! It was practically bedtime when our vehicle rolled in the driveway!
Oh well, I spent it with my sweethearts and that is all that matters!!! was your Valentine's Day???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our three Valentines!!!

Happy Anniversary Garry and Carol!

(That is me and my Mom on the left! Beautiful huh?! :)

Today is my Aunt and Uncle's 21st wedding anniversary! Valentine's day happened to fall on a Saturday the year they were married! We have some hilarious memories of being in your wedding! What a wild weekend that was for all of us! Have a great Anniversary and enjoy your night on the plaza there in Kansas City! We love you both!

Still looking great after 21 years of marriage!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 gotta love em'

I can't begin to explain how much fun it is having two 2 year olds in our house! It seems like they get into more mischief every day! For some reason, they absolutely love playing in our bathroom! The other day, Parker was in the shower and they were pushing on our trackless shower door! Somehow, they got the door off of the wheel track and jammed it closed! There stood Parker, dripping wet, and scared to death that he was going to be stuck in there until Daddy got home! (I finally managed to get it open enough for him to squeeze out!)
Peyton loves to play with toothbrushes and mine in particular! On Sunday night, they were finally being quiet and were in our room watching a DVD. So, I decided to go spy on them! There stood Peyton, being quite the angel watching the movie, but he had my toothbrush hanging out of his mouth!
Then there was the nice discovery at 5:45am yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work! I opened my bathroom drawer than holds my toothbrush and toothpaste, found my drawer floating in shower gel and an empty shower gel container laying there with no cap on it! My drawer smelled nicely but I was not happy! Also... I have 3 toothbrushes that are normally in that drawer and there was not a one to be found! I had to wake Jonathan up to ask him if he had seen my toothbrushes! (He had taken them from the twins the night before and hid them from them as well as me also!) What a lovely way to begin the day!
Just as I began to write this post, Parker came to me and said, "Look what I found in my room!" You guessed it... two of my toothbrushes! (They have their own kid toothbrushes but for some reason they only like mine! I think I will donate mine to them and go buy me a new kiddie toothbrush! Maybe they will leave it alone!)
Jonathan is home sick today and I feel bad for him! He is not going to get much rest around here with three rugrats that are alive and well running around!
Signing off to shower and start my mountain of laundry...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A fun lunch...

Parker thorougly enjoyed being with Connor!

We had an absolutely fabulous time with the Davis gang today at Chili's! We survived quite nicely despite being outnumbered by kiddos too! We were able to enjoy some adult conversation and have a few hearty laughs as well! (Pretty easy to laugh when you are with Gene and Angie!) Our poor waitress probably thought we would never leave! Again...thanks so much for the invitation and we look forward to being with you for VBS this summer!

Kent was the angel of the afternoon!

Connor teaching Parker to play cards with the coasters!
(At least that's our side of the story! :)

Peyton having fun with Kent!

Now...Rev and Mrs Johnson, the pressure is on for you all! We can get together if you are ever available! We have only been trying to get together for how many years now?!?! :) We know you are busy!

I have a hiliarious picture of Angie and I outside the restaurant! She looks fabulous but my "poof" is standing at attention thanks to the nice wind we had today! Don't think I have the nerve to post that one! Sorry...

Don't any of you try to blow this picture up!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hot Date tonight!!!

Jonathan and I are getting a night on the town without kids! Thanks to our babysitter, Alicia! We are going to Indy tonight and eating at Ruth's Chris! (Hope they don't try to serve us champagne again!) This will be our Valentine's celebration too as Jonathan has a haircut appointment on Valentine's day at 5:30pm! How romantic is that?!?!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We caught Angie's germs...

Today when I picked Parker up from school, he begged for McDonald's and said it would help his tummy to feel better! I chalked it up that he was really hungry and headed staight for the golden arches! We took our food to my mom's and brought her lunch as well! Before we left, Parker went running into the bathroom and was trying to heave his lunch! (I was really needing to go to town for diapers, ketchup, you name it, etc but decided we better scoot on home quickly!) He was really quiet on the trip home and at one point yelled, "Hurry up and get home quick!" By the time we got home, both babies were asleep and I started to carry Peyton inside! Parker went running in ahead of me and didn't say a word! As I was laying Peyton in his bed, I heard that dreaded sound of barf going into the toilet! Of course, Peyton's bed was full of toys, he had his shoes on, jacket, etc! By the time I got to Parker, he said, "I am okay now!" (Boy did I feel terrible, letting my 5 year old fin for himself!!!) I got him all cleaned up and into bed and headed back out to grab Paige who was still sleeping soundly in the SUV! I was hoping Parker had just gotten car sick but that was just wishful thinking. He has gotten sick since then at least hourly and now has a fever to boot! I feel like I have a knot in my stomach after cleaning up so much puke today! I know I will get it too! Good grief this stuff is soooooo contagious!
The twins have been total terrors since Parker has been sick! I think they know I am busy with him and are just seeing how much they can get by with! Their time is coming though, Paige took a big gulp out of Parker's straw tonight! (Ugh...)
Of course, Jonathan has once again scheduled himself to be out of town when the flu bug hits! How convenient that he is off playing the bass guitar and having fun!
To top my day off, the cabin rental place from Tennessee called us today and told us that the cabin we had rented for this July got sold as of yesterday and is no longer available! So...I have spent countless hours online today between barfing sessions looking for another cabin that is similar to what he had already booked!
All in all it has been a blessed day! Still blessing the Lord at all times! (Even though it is hard today!)
Now where is my Lysol???

Monday, February 4, 2008


Jonathan has been practicing his guitar all weekend to play on a recording on Tuesday afternoon. He really enjoys doing things like this even though he drives his family crazy! He has completely taken over Parker's room and sat up his bass and amp in there with cords everywhere, etc! At least it should all be over tomorrow night!

Since Jonathan has been playing his guitar a lot lately, Parker wanted to take his little acoustic guitar and play it during the service last night at church. Jonathan brought it and Parker sat up on the front row and strummed away with all the rest of the musicians! Jonathan and I had to sing the special so I didn't notice Parker when he walked back to his seat but Mom said he was sucking his thumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kept sucking on his thumb during our song and Mom asked him, "Parker, you don't suck your thumb, why are you doing that?" He said, "I hurt my fingers up there playing my guitar!" Sure enough, he had a little blister!!!! (Jonathan has been complaining about sore fingers too! :)

Life has been pretty boring around here lately! Sorry for the infrequent posts! Maybe once Spring arrives we will have more activities going on around the Walden household!

Friday, February 1, 2008

No more monkeys jumping on the bed...

Last night while I was fixing supper, Parker came running into the kitchen and said, "Peyton keeps hurting himself on purpose!" He was barely finished saying that when an ear piercing scream came from my bedroom and Peyton had gotten hurt! He had been jumping off of our bed and had obviously hurt something. Jonathan and I went running back there to see him and he was limping and saying "my leg..." We got him calmed down and went on to eat our supper. After supper, he got down and was playing and walking on his leg but limping a little. Around 9pm, he began to scream with his leg and kept falling down. Everytime he would try to take a step, his knee would buckle and he would fall. He even fell backwards once. He would bear weight but did not want to take any steps! We kept debating on whether to just wait until morning or go to the E.R. now. Jonathan tried to stand him up once more and his knee buckled and Jonathan felt it and Peyton fell down! That was the final call...Jonathan said he needed to be seen! I was still dressed and Jonathan was already comfy for the evening so I said I would take him in for x-rays while Jonathan stayed home with the other two kids!

Peyton seemed to be fine as long as he was being held and would even stop crying! I had only been in the ER one other time in my life and that was with Jonathan for his knee injury! (What is it with these Walden boys and their knees???) Of course, Peyton was all cheary with the nurses and saying "Yee Haw" while they were checking him into a room! I immediately felt like I did not need to be there but it was too late! They already had us registered and check in for the night! I sat Peyton on the stretcher and he sees the digital clock on the wall that showed military time and the seconds were being displayed too! Peyton starts counting, "one, two, three, four, etc!" He kept starting over every time he got to ten! (I thought I was in big trouble if he was going to keep counting the entire time we were waiting on the nurse to come and see us!) He was all over the stretcher, being very rotten, and it was already almost 11pm!

When the nurse walked in the room, she just started laughing at me! I used to work with her on another floor in this hospital and I just began to roll my eyes when I saw her! She had me stand Peyton up and told him to walk for us! He looked at her and said, "No!" I finally got him to walk across the room and he walked just fine in there! (grrrrrrrr!) He then started jumping and stomping his feet! It was obvious that nothing was broken or he would have been screaming his head off at this point! The nurse asked me if I wanted to go ahead with the x-rays or not and I said for them to go ahead just so I would know for sure he was okay!

We headed over to x-ray and laid him on the table! At first he puckered a little seeing this big machine coming down on him but he never cried! (The nurse told me I could stay with him as long as there was no way I could be pregnant!!!!!) I told her that I have had a tubal and she could just go ahead and "fry those eggs" a little more just to be safe!!!! She cracked up but still made me wear a lead apron!

Back to the room we went after the x-rays but we had stickers to play with this time! Thanks x-ray department! When the nurse came back in to talk to us, I had race car stickers all over my chest and was feeling mighty proud!!!

Like I suspected, the x-rays were completely normal and he may have just sprained it a little but would be okay!
I go outside to leave and it was now sleating and slightly slick already! (Thanks a lot Peyton for making Mommy get out in the bad weather for nothing!) I called Jonathan on my way home to tell him we were on our way, that it was a completely wasted trip and how much it was going to cost us! Oh well, our minds were at ease and I said to him, "At least I now have something to blog about!!!"

When Peyton woke up this morning, he was limping a little and I was talking to my mom on the phone! I said to her, "Oh... I hope I had them x-ray the correct leg!" Wouldn't that have been terrible??? He is fine now and just as mean as ever!

I did tell the nurse that I was sure that at some point in Peyton's lifetime, we would be back with a broken bone!!!