Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hot, hot, hot...

I know I shouldn've even begin to complain, especially to Michelle... Our air-conditioner problem was completely minor but we still had to pay and it is 77 degrees in this house!!! We have put up with our air not completely cooling the house most of the summer and have tried several different things. Finally, after it being 77 degrees at 10pm inside our house last night, and with the air running constantly since June, I decided it was time to give Earl Gray a call... They told Jonathan the earliest they could come would be Monday afternoon. I was going crazy since we are having company this weekend. We gave my dad a call and he was able to get them here this afternoon! (Guess it pays to know someone, huh?) They said it was just minor and that it would take most of the afternoon to catch up but by tomorrow it should be fine! Thank goodness... by the way Michelle... it only cost us $118.00 too!! Much less than your bill and it never did get that hot in our house. When you come in from outside, it feels great at 77 degrees. That is why I said, I shouldn't even complain... But I did...



I'll have to say I am so thankful we got ours fixed before this heat wave descended upon us. It's been in the 90s for the 10th straight day but the heat index this week is almost unbearable at 104-105! Glad you go your fixed quickly, especially with company coming - I'm sure they'll appreciate it also!


Uuuugh! I hate having to get things like that worked on. I'm glad it wasn't that expensive though.

Enjoy the coolness!!!!!! :)

Sherry Gates

That is sort of funny....I mean about it being a whopping 77' because down here we keep it set on 77 all the time. I think it is hotter there than it is here right now. Hard to believe I know!

Angie Davis

My house AC works fine, but the one in my car croaked again. There's nothing quite like the drive to Lafayette in stifling heat with exhaust fumes blowing in the open windows! :(