Wednesday, August 1, 2007

All work, no play...

We are having a "huge" garage sale this Saturday on our school property to help benefit Jr Church!!! It is a great way to get rid of tons of stuff and also give our Jr Church a good boost!! I have been busy this week going through tons of baby stuff and pricing, etc! (I don't know that it is worth the trouble!) I haven't even scratched the surface. We have even talked of having another one in a few weeks!! I wanted to let you know where I have been this week! Anyway, if you are in our area on Saturday between 7am and 3pm, drop by and see us!!! (Actually, I will be at work but some of our other Jr Church workers will be there sweating away!!!)



Okay, so are you thinking about having another GARAGE SALE or BABY in a few weeks? You might need to read your post again to figure out why I ask. I had to read it a few times :)

Karen Walden

I had to laugh when I re-read my post!!! I definitely need to clarify... We talked of another garage sale in a few weeks but now decided to put it off until spring!
There better be no more "Walden" babies! We took care of that during my C/S!!!!!!