Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Pre-school!

Tonight was Parker's pre-school orientation night! (I know, most everyone has been back to school for a while now but not pre-school!) He was excited to meet his new teacher's and even see a couple of classmates from last year! He is especially happy that Zephyr, the neighbor boy, is in his class! What fun!! They had to write their names on a shape to put on the bulletin board! I will have to admit, I was a little embarassed at his handwriting! Definitely needs some work this year! He remembered where everything was and it was nice for him to already be familiar with the school! Makes me sad to think of him going to Kindergarten next year! I can't believe he will be five in just a few short weeks!!

Speaking of his birthday, I asked him tonight what kind of presents he wanted for his birthday! He said, "A remote control car and a fence for my yard!" I about cracked up! Then he said, "So I can get a puppy!" Poor Daddy, the pressure is on, he really hates to disappoint his little buddy but dogs are sooooo much work! Ugh...



Little chihuahuas aren't NEARLY as much work as big doggies, and they're much cuter! :) I have one waiting in my kitchen! He'll be ready to come out just in time for Parker's birthday!!

Aunt Carol


You can borrow Shiloh anytime Parker!
Aunt April :@)


I was thinking along the lines of one of those Fur Real puppies. I know it's not real, but they sound real and move. It might help buy you some time!


They grow up too fast, don't they?

Good luck on the dog situation. :P Dogs are a pain! LOL


Can you believe it is time for preschool already? As far as the dog situation goes...hope you can come to a compromise. Bryson has been asking for a cat for quite a while now...I don't like animals, but we will probably get the kids something at one point.