Friday, August 3, 2007

Randy is Over the Hill...

Today is our good friend, Randy Dunn's #40th birthday! We are going to his party tonight, but we wanted to post a picture of him and wish him luck as he rolls down the hill... Several of you probably know him and some of you even were in his class in high school! (Guess that means you all are close to the top of that hill too!! :)

Happy Birthday Randy! You are a great friend!!

Jonathan, Karen and kids...



Happy Birthday Randy!!


I (obviously) don't know him on a real personal level, but I think he is probably one of the friendliest guys I have ever noticed when visiting church or church activity that's not your own.

40 is looking younger all the time! :)

Angie Davis

Happy Birthday, Randy!

Sherry Gates

Better over the hill than under it! Yeh, I am one of those that graduated with Randy that went over the hill before him!