Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day 2009

I had to work 12 hours on Father's Day so Jonathan was able to get some good bonding time in with his kids on Father's Day!!! He ate lunch with my parents and brought me a plate to the hospital later! I didn't get to see my dad on Father's Day and Jonathan didn't get to see his dad either as he was at Pilgrim camp! We both called our dad's last night to wish them a Happy Father's Day!
Unfortunately, Jonathan didn't think to have Mom take his picture with the kids yesterday when they were dressed in their church clothes so we quickly shot this pose even though they had their jammies on for the night!
Hope everyone had a nice Father's Day!!

Singing with the guys...

This past Saturday night, Convention Quartet sang in Richmond, Indiana. They sang in a beautiful auditorium at Reid Hospital. It was a fun evening and the guys had a blast singing together! This was taken during the middle of a song! I went down the isle to take their picture and they stopped singing and posed for me! Goofy guys!!
Singing one of the many hymns requested by the audience!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baseball Season 2009

Parker has enjoyed playing baseball once again this summer! He's still in the "pony" league where they don't actually count runs or outs. He's probably a little bored with it, but still loves to play so he doesn't complain! Next year he gets to advance to the next league where it's more like real baseball! He'll love that!
Last Saturday was the first game all season that I've been able to attend. Due to my lovely work schedule, I've missed all the practices and every game until now. Their season is over at the end of June so I won't get many in this year! Luckily, Daddy has been able to be there for about every game so Parker is thrilled! Tomorrow night, Grandma Sheila may have to take Parker as I'm working and Daddy will be traveling almost 3 hrs home after work! He's going to try to make it!
Parker is playing for the team called Mancino's and one of the coaches is the team sponsor, David Gregory! David and I went to school together years ago at Bethel. Never dreamed our kids would someday play ball together. What a small world!
Sure wish I had some Mancino's right now!!! Mmmmmmm!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A new adventure!

Many of you know that back in early February, Jonathan lost his job at Cummin's due to "cut-backs." He immediately began sending out resumes and had several interviews. No one seemed to be hiring and we were getting concerned. His severance package was to run out pretty soon and we didn't know what we were going to do. I had talked about dusting off my resume and applying for yet another job in nursing. Jonathan said he didn't even want me to come home if I ended up having to work two jobs! :)
A few weeks ago, the phone rang one morning while I was at work and it was a company in Winamac, Indiana called Pentair. They said that Jonathan had applied for a job there and they wanted to do a phone interview with him. Everything seemed to flow well and they called him in for a face to face interview. Within a week, they had called him back and offered him a job! This was a huge answer to prayer for us!
The only down side to this story is that his new job is nearly 3 hours north of where we live! The town's population is 2,400 people and their only restaurant is a DQ! They offered to let him live in a house on the plant property and are even going to furnish it for him. Another huge answer to prayer for us as we didn't know if we could afford to rent him an apartment up there!
I'll have to admit that it is a very bittersweet day for me today. I'm very thankful that he has a job and that he didn't have to take a huge pay cut either. I'm also very sad that he has to be gone 5 days a week for a while. Eventually they say he'll be able to work from home 2 days a week! That will help so much!
The kids have gotten used to him being Mr Mom since February and are going to have quite an adjustment with him being gone for so long! They have been driving me crazy asking me "Where's Daddy" even if he's just stepped out of the house or ran to town. I can't imagine how many times this week I'll hear that same question!
It's going to be rough, but we're tough and will survive! If you think of it, say a prayer for Jonathan as he's nervous about starting his new job and isn't looking forward to being away from his family. While you're at it, say a prayer for me and the kids too, that we'll learn to survive without Daddy home every night!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alphabet letter day!

A couple of weeks ago, Parker's Kindergarten class was to dress up like one of the letter's of the alphabet. They have been studying the different letters all year along with what sound that particular makes. Each letter has a name and there is something special about that letter. Parker decided that he wanted to be "Mr H" who has "horrible hair!" If you know Parker very well at all, you'll know that he almost always has his hair combed and in place unless he's wearing a ball cap! We used some of Daddy's hair styling gel and a lovely can of bright blue coloring and this is what we came up with for Alphabet letter day!!!

Special thanks to Angie Davis for helping Parker get all this blue out of his hair! Parker's "letter day" was the same day as my Grandma Thompson's funeral and Angie was babysitting that day!

We can't believe that Parker only has 2 days left of school and then we will have a first-grader on our hands! Thanks to several big snows this past winter, he has to go through this Wednesday! He's ready for summer vacation! We're leaving Friday for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!