Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Parker's new song....

Parker told us he learned a new song in Jr Church. He started singing, "I am a C, I am a CH, I am a CRHITRHITRCITIHRA." What in the world does that spell??? ;0)


Aunt Carol

Oh my GOODNESS!!! That's HILARIOUS!! I about peed my pants thinking about is little voice lisping out the letters!!! My kids have been singing that song for as long as they can remember!!
By the way, I have a little puppy that has is just about ready for Parker!! I'll bring him out to you when he's ready.

Love and miss you!!!

Karen Walden

He is begging for a puppy right now too! :(

Jonathan Walden

I hope you are talking about a stuffed puppy for his bed...


LOL Too cute! :)


Awwww, c'mon Jonathan....


I can't even remember how the kids sing it -- it's such a jumbled mess.


That's funny...the kids in my Junior Church request that song as the "I am a C-H song"... They try to sing it as fast as they can, and keep asking me to play it faster and faster. Kids are so funny!