Sunday, September 2, 2007

Welcome to McDonalds...

They tore down our McDonald's on Hwy 31 this week and there is nothing left! Parker was crushed when we drove by the other night. He cried the whole way home and decided that the only builder he likes is his Grandpa Bob!!! He was so mad at those excavators and bulldozers! We tried telling him they are going to rebuild it and make it better but he doesn't understand. We heard it will be two stories tall and have a double drive thru! We need it, that place is always packed and cars are lined up on the street! In the meantime, while they rebuild, we will be supporting Wendy's more often... (At least we still have McDonald's on the other side of town too!)



Hey Karen:

Here's hoping your Wendy's is better than the ones here in Michigan:-) Since DT died, they've gone to pot. Do you have any "Culver's" in your area? We just got one, and we really enjoy goign there.

Wow, 2 stories, that'll be quite the place. Tell Jonathan I said, "Hello"

Dan Plemmons

P.S. I really enjoy your blog. There are 3 that I check daily. Yours, Tamra Craycraft's, and Angie Davis's (Probably because you all update them so often with lots of pictures. :-)

Sherry Gates's packed? Must be better than most McD's! Is that the one Mila manages?

Karen Walden

I get pretty sick of Wendy's and McDonalds... Parker could eat them both several times a day! Thanks for the comment! I heard through Angie that you were a silent blogger for quite some time until they all gave you a hard time! You should start one of your own! (You probably stay pretty busy with the Pilgrim website though! Jonathan and I enjoy reading through it frequently!)

Karen Walden

No... the McD's that Mila manages is out west of town by the interstate! It's still just your typical McDonalds! Parker thinks it is the greatest food on earth! (Next to steamed broccoli!)