Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why is it...

...that my kids always decide to get sick when Daddy is out of town??? Last night I finally laid down to get some sleep at 11:45pm. (I was to be at work today at 7am!) At 12:20am, Paige was awake and crying. This is very unusual for her. I told her to go back to sleep and she said, "Okay!" A few minutes later she was doing it again, and then at 1am, Peyton woke up crying for me! As I opened the door to their room, I was hit with a smell like no other! I immediatly said, "Who puked???" I turned on the light to find poor Paige in a mess of vomited chocolate milk. It was all over her from head to toe as well as every inch of her bed. I started cleaning her up and Peyton stood there screaming to be held! We all three ended up in Daddy's chair in our family room and after several more bouts of vomiting, Paige finally went to sleep about 3:15am. At 4:30am, I awoke to hearing the sound of the toilet lid going up and poor Parker was doing the same thing! (Where is Daddy when we need him??? Sleeping soundly several states away! Don't you dare feel sorry for him Gene!) After several more episodes during the night, daylight finally arrived! That was one loooooooong night! Although I only got about 3 hrs of sleep, I was glad to see a new day! Parker is somewhat better but poor Paige is still throwing up continually! I had to call in sick to work today but would've much rather been delivering babies than emptying puke buckets! is time to start on this mountain of disgusting laundry and throw some puney kids into the tub!
Hoping and praying that Peyton and I don't get it tonight!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear me...

On Saturday, I worked with Parker to make sure he knew his memory verse for Jr Church on Sunday! He only had to learn part of it and memorized it without any problems! I did not even read him the rest of the verse so I wouldn't confuse him. Jonathan was driving the bus kids home on Sunday morning when one of the girls said, "You should've heard Parker saying his memory verse today! He had us cracking up!" Later we found out why...
He said, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy "moly" Ghost!" I am not kidding! I have no idea where he got that, I didn't even have him learn that part. Guess he just heard the other kids saying the whole thing and thought he might as well try! We had to tell him that wasn't nice and to not keep saying it that way!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


"Dat hurts..."

The twins and I took Parker to his baseball game this afternoon and guess what we forgot??? SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!! It was a beautiful day, upper 60's here and very sunny! I didn't think a thing of it and Peyton fell asleep for most of the ballgame. You can tell what part of his face his Lightening McQueen hat was protecting! Paige was awake and running around so she didn't get it nearly as bad! His arms are cooked too! Notice the sun on his can see where he had his chin down while he was napping! Hope his eyes are not swollen shut in the am!
Parker's ballgame

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend Getaway!

Jonathan and I are sooooo excited about this weekend! He told me he would take me to a Gaither Homecoming concert for one of my birthday gifts! (My birthday was over a month ago!) Well...this weekend is it! The Gaither Homecoming crew will be in Evansville, Indiana on Friday night and we are going ALONE! Special thanks to my mom and dad for keeping our 3 rugrats overnight! We clearly won't know what to do with ourselves being able to sit through an entire concert undisturbed!!! (I hope I don't have to walk out to the restroom and fall down the steps! :) We have to be back early Saturday for Jonathan to attend something mandatory for his softball association but what a glorious Friday we will have together! I know I will be ready to see the kiddos before we even get back, but can't wait for some quality adult time!

Doubt I get any good pictures of the groups as my camera doesn't do well in dark arena's! Jonathan will be pouting when he finds out his buddy, Ivan isn't going to be there! I saw where he was doing a solo performance in another state!

Be back Saturday afternoon just in time to take Parker to baseball practice again! (Alone...)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He owes me one...

Jonathan was to fly to Canada early this morning for business. He told me goodbye around 6:45am and I drifted back to sleep! (I was actually going to sleep in until 7:30am today!) I was dreaming nicely when all of a sudden, I awoke to my phone ringing! The caller ID told me it was Jonathan's cell phone. As soon as I said "Hello" I heard, "Hey, you've got to help me! I forgot my passport and I am in Greenwood already! I need you to head this way! I might even miss my flight now!" I sleepily replied, "You mean you want me to wake up all these kids and load them up and bring you your passport?" He firmly said, "Yes!" I quickly threw on clothes, did NOT comb my hair, which was a site for sore eyes and quickly woke Parker up as well. He wasn't thrilled to be awakened so suddenly... I grabbed the babies out of their beds, threw them in their carseats, wet diapers and all and off we went with Daddy's passport!

Of course, traffic was down to one lane on Hwy 31 due to them working on the power lines so I wasn't able to speed like I wanted! On that same Hwy in the other direction, there had been a wreck and traffic was creeping along! (I was not looking forward to coming back in that mess!)

Just as I was getting ready to get on the ramp of I-65, my phone rang and it was Jonathan wondering where I was at! He was just a mile away from my exit so I quickly pulled off the ramp and sat on the side of the road waiting for him! He grabbed his passport in a run and was quickly off again!

I got to sit in the traffic jam for a short while and made it home in plenty of time to get Parker off to pre-school.
Jonathan was actually able to make his flight without any problems and is currently sitting in an airport in Cleveland, Ohio waiting for his flight to Toronto, and checking blogs! :)

So...he owes me once again for coming to his rescue!

I am getting pretty good at this single parenting thing. Tonight I have to take Parker to baseball practice for 1 1/2 hrs with the twins along! That should be a blast!

Now it is time to get the twins ready for the day and go pick up Parker from school shortly!

Enjoy this beautiful weather! I am trying to figure out how I can mow the yard with the twins running the house alone! (We haven't mowed yet this year, our neighbors probably hate us!)

Have a great Tuesday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

IHC Photos...

Patriotic Service Wednesday evening (Picture borrowed from IHConvention website)
Acting innocent when he should've been in the service...
Discussing the Patriotic Service...
Convention Quartet...(Excuse the blurrieness, my hands were shaky from falling!)

The best moments of the convention...
Letting off energy between services...

Chuck & Mary McGuire (See the Davis stoller on the right end of this picture!?)
Recognize anyone???
Paige's favorite face to make...

So embarrassed that her son stunk up the entire arena...
There were really listening to the service weren't they???

"Is church almost over, Mom?"

Parker and Connor Davis
(This is about the time that all the "sniffing" was taking place!)
"Who gets to change him?"
Todd Myers and family honking their horn along with 3,000 other people...Homeward bound...
Goodbye IHC 2008, see you next year!

Bad luck Wednesday...

Our night Tuesday night was way too short to say the least! I was up until almost 3am packing and ironing clothes to take to IHC, and Jonathan came to bed about 3:30am after waxing the vehicle! The alarm went off before 7am and that began our day of bad luck! I had wanted to get to IHC in time for the Women of Worth service but that didn't end up happening! We got to the convention shortly after 11am and enjoyed seeing many friends. We were in the afternoon service sitting with Jonathan's parents, and Paige somehow managed to be standing in our row and peed a puddle right on the floor! I am still amazed that she was able to pee out the side of her diaper and just barely get her tights wet!?!? Off to the car she and I went...
After the afternoon service was over, we went to check in at the Crowne Plaza! We had booked our room last June and had already paid for one night as a deposit! Jonathan goes up to the desk and the clerk proceeds to tell him that he did not have any non-smoking double queen rooms left!!!! We had the papers stating we were "guaranteed" this room! (The clerk said that people actually check in on Tuesday and refuse to leave on Wednesday... (This better not be the IHC crowd!) Therefore, they were "over booked!" They had a smoking room with two beds and a non-smoking King only! We opted for the non-smoking King and felt right at home with all of us in one bed! (One big happy family!) They did give us a 20% discount for the inconvenience...
We quickly freshened up for the 6:00pm Wednesday evening service and headed for the elevators at 5:45pm! Those elevators are a joke... We waited for 15 minutes and every elevator was completely jam packed with people and Jonathan was to be on stage to sing in the 6pm service! He was beginning to sweat a little and decided his only option was to take the stairs...all 154 of them! (We were on the 11th floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Jonathan left me there waiting on an elevator with 3 kids, a stroller and the world's heaviest diaper bag! I finally got into the evening service 5 minutes late, parked my stroller, found my in-laws, and started the long climb up the bleachers with my diaper bag over my shoulder and a kid on each hand. I got 3/4 of the way to the top and went to climb over this couple when the lady looked at me and said, "Ma'am, these seats are saved!!!!!!!" (There were close to 10 empty seats there too!) I turned to go back down and realized that I had caused quite a traffic jam! There were tons of people behind me waiting to get a seat as well! I bent down and grabbed a kid under each arm, still had my diaper bag on my shoulder and down I went! (I was carrying about 80 pounds here and I think steam was rolling from my ears too! :) I got to the bottom of the steps...or so I thought, and turned to step off the side...WHOA!!!!!!!!! Down I went, kids in my arms, diaper bag and all! I practically knocked Brother McCrary down and completely "fell into" his conversation he was having with another gentleman! I thought I was going to die right then and there! He grabbed my arm and I was able to get back on my feet, kids still under each arm and diaper bag still in place! The twins were hollering and I darted into the exhibit area and burst into tears! I was shaking so bad and just needed Jonathan to help me! My wonderful sister-in-law, LuRhe appeared along with Mary Jane McGuire to help me! I asked "Where is Jonathan???" When they said, "On the platform" tears rolled even more! All I wanted right then was to go back home to Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!! LuRhe and Mary took the kids from me and I tried to calm down! I stayed hid in the exhibit area the rest of the service! Jonathan was on the platform, scanning the crowd looking for me and had no idea his graceful wife had been putting on such a performance, trying to "steal the show!" The kids were complete snakes and we didn't even get to sit in on any of the main service that evening! I wasn't about to go hauling myself up to the top of the bleachers only to find out those seats were saved too!!!
We decided there was no need to just walk around talking to each other so shortly before 9pm, off we went to get something to eat! We picked O'Charley's for a change and were hungry and exhausted! We waited over 45 minutes for our food and didn't even complain! (Jonathan told the waitress that he thought they were just going to bring us breakfast! She laughed...) They ended up giving us our meal for free! (Finally, something good out of a completely bad day!)
Later, I told Anthony Webb that I would be on any committee, clean bathrooms, whatever it would take to get myself a reserved seat at IHC!!! I don't think he will ever let me live down my gracelessness at IHC!
I have many other stories of IHC to tell but that is the one that everyone has been talking about! I'll post more later about who all we saw and chatted with, along with a few pictures! (I'll have to post some of the Davis clan and talk about our time with them!)
Now I am off to find some Advil for some achy bones and hurt pride!!!

We're Home!!!

We made it in safely just a short while ago and once again, have quickly trashed the house by bringing our belongings inside! We had a fun day today in Cincinnati at the Children's Museum and quite an adventurous couple of days at the convention! That will be quite a post in itself! I will try to do my IHC post later this evening after I fix us something to eat!

Stay tuned for my IHC novel...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We're off to the convention...

Hope to see you there...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Too much to do...

I just got off work and have to work tomorrow before heading out for IHC early Wednesday morning. I have so much that I don't know where to begin! I really need to...

and ...


and Jonathan is...

and I am... :)

I just realized that I only have about 6 hours of being home before we head out on Wednesday am! Better run...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tag...I'm it!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Jonathan and I had been married almost 2 years, no kids yet, and I had just graduated from nursing school. I had not passed my RN boards yet so was still working as a CNA at that time. I was working at the hospital in our town and still work there today.

Five things to do today: (Since the day is almost over, I'll write what I actually did today!)

1. Go calling on "new" Jr Church contacts (done)

2. Go shopping in Greenwood (done)

3. Eat out (done, twice!)

4. Iron clothes for Sunday

5. Do laundry and straighten house

Snacks I enjoy:

Any kind of chips/dip

Salty Chex Mix

Good Chocolate Candy to go along with my salty snack!

If I were a Billionaire:

I would pay off all our debts

Build our dream home

Buy new vehicles

Quit my job and be a stay at home Mommy!

Support some orphans or poor children (Those ads in magazines always tear me up!)

3 Bad Habits I Have:

1. Playing with my bottom lip

2. Leaving trash in the pocket doors of the vehicles

3. Put off folding laundry

5 Places I've Lived:

1. Edinburgh, Indiana (Until I was 5)

2. Columbus, Indiana (Same house from age 5 until I got married)

3. Columbus, Indiana (Duplex when Jonathan and I got married, lived there for 4 years)

4. Columbus, Indiana (Current house, we built it in 2000!)

(Pretty boring huh, Chuck and Mary???? I don't even have 5 houses I have lived in before!) :)

5 Jobs I've Had:

1. Cheese shop and Bakery at Kroger's

2. CNA at Community Care Nursing Home (My worst job ever! I have horror stories about that place!)

3. RN on med-surg unit

4. Labor/Delivery nurse

5. Mommy!

5 people I want to know more about:


Steve Hight

Tamra Craycraft

Michelle Krick

Angie Davis

(Sorry if you have already done this and I won't mind if you don't do it at all! I am just doing this for Jenny G. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baseball Season Begins...

Parker was absolutely thrilled to wake up last Saturday morning for his first ever baseball practice! He finally is old enough to play on a team this year! Jonathan made the mistake in January of telling him he was going to play in May and he has been driving us crazy about it ever since!
He had practice again tonight for 1 1/2 hours and I ended up taking the twins to the truck and turning them on a DVD! It was not fun chasing two rugrats around the ball diamonds and I couldn't believe how filthy they got in such a short amount of time!

Here are a few pictures of Parker tonight at his practice. Most of you could care less, so these are mainly for my family!

Jonathan's games begin next Monday at 9pm! Oh joy...
Parker's Baseball Game

Click on the above picture!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Warn Weather Wearables...

I got this idea from my cousin, Denise's Blog! This week we are supposed to pick a "favorite" of something that is a warm weather wearable! This was Paige's first Easter Dress! I think it was about my favorite dress ever! I also loved that head band and her Ralph Lauren shoes that her Aunt April bought her. It was so sad to see her outgrow these items! I did keep them all as a keepsake though from her first Easter!
Next week...Desirable Destinations!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Could someone please call Guinness???

The twins had a birthday back in early January! We had their party on January 5th and the following morning, one of them let this balloon go and it has been floating in our bathroom sky light ever since! Can you believe it will be 3 months on Saturday and that silly thing has enough helium to still be up there? I tried blowing it down the other day with the hair dryer but it just moved it a little! The string is up about 12 feet so we can't even jump and grab it! We could bring a ladder in but that seems like too much work! We keep thinking it will just come down, but then again...maybe not! I have never had a balloon stay "up" that long! Next time you want to get some balloon's filled, check out your local Marsh's Floral department!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New specs...

Here is a picture of me in my new glasses! Please don't zoom in on the picture, you might see my gray hair! (I can't believe how much gray I am getting! I think it is from my kids!)

I took Parker in with me today to pick up my glasses because I wanted the eye doctor to see his eye. He has had a sty on his eye since the end of January! She took a look at it and said that when kids get sty's it is a sure sign of astigmatism! GREAT!!! I was hoping my kids didn't inherit my eyes! We have to take him to get his eyes examined in a few weeks after we get rid of this sty! Lets just pray that warm compresses and the ointment she gave us works! I cannot imagine them having to try and "open it!" Better have some strong gas to put him under!!! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Read the smallest line that you can see...

"E" :) I made my every 2 year trip to the eye doctor yesterday and found out that my new glasses will more than likely resemble Coke bottles instead of eye glasses! I knew my sight had gotten bad but when she kept saying "What is this letter?" and I couldn't tell her and when I thought I was even seeing double... I knew I was in big trouble! My astigmatism had gotten quite a bit worse, but at least I did not need bi-focals! (I have been close to needing them for a few years now! Yikes...)
I did let them talk me into getting a new pair of "plastic" frames! I have been wanting them for quite some time but always revert back to the old faithful metal frames! I don't think my new glasses will look quite as bad as the glasses on this dog but who knows since I can't see past the end of my nose without wearing my glasses! My new spectacles should be finished by the end of the week! I might be amazed at how good I can read signs and see to drive at night!
One thing I have never understood was why in the world do they wait until the end of your exam to dilate your pupils and then send you out to pick out your new frames while you cannot focus on a single thing??? My eyes are terrible anyway and for her to do that... who knows what I might have picked out?!
I will admit I had to look pretty stupid driving home with my normal glasses on and Jonathan' s big sunglasses over top! It was all I could do to drive home in the bright light!
Blogging off to find my magnifying glass!