Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Family Picture

Here is the color version of our family photo.


Angie Davis

I love Parker's expression!

Jody J

Great picture! We'd love to see you guys. I'll have to e-mail you and make plans. Maybe for a Fri. night?


I think a new family pic is in order but I keep putting it kids are much cuter.

sankey family

I just ran across your blog from a friend's and I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading your posts. I don't know if we've ever "formally" met but I do know your husband's family. Back quite a few years ago, our family (my parents and sisters) were the singers for a camp in Michigan and your father-in-law was the evangelist. We enjoyed meeting the family then and seeing them occasionally at IHC, etc.
Anyway, enjoyed your blog - I'll keep checking back.

Melodie Sankey
Salamanca, Mexico