Saturday, August 4, 2007

"Old Friends..."

My best friend in school, Amy (Speer) Holsapple. We have been best friends since before Kindergarten. Now we have 6 kids between us. We never dreamed when we were playing baby dolls that we would have this many kids of our own!!
Several of us Bethel kids were at Randy's party on Friday evening. Carolyn decided to get a picture of all of us "Bethel kids" who went to school together. Pictured above are from left to right: Rachel (Pfaehler) Edwards, Elaine (Barmore) Dunn, Montie Dunn, Missy (Speer) Dunn, Amy (Speer) Holsapple, Randy Speer, us, and Randy Dunn.

Someday, we need to get another Bethel reunion together!!! It has been 10 years since we did it! (Man, is it a ton of work though, contacting everyone...)


Gene Davis

Great Picture!!!!!


Wow - I guess it IS time for another reunion! I'll help if you want to get one organized!

Karen Walden

I will have to let you know when we do decide to do one... Hopefully this time, it will be easier to contact people with the internet and all!!!