Sunday, August 12, 2007

A fun weekend...

Well, our weekend is coming to a close and we are tired but had so much fun! It was good to be with Donnie and Amy and their boys today! We enjoyed eating dinner with them and spending the afternoon reminiscing with them! (Jonathan and Donnie are HUGE Michael English fans and they had to watch some old Gaither videos to get their "fix!")

The Bethel Quartet tonight was really good too! They had fun singing together and talking of the good ole days! Jonathan added up, and the group tonight went to Bethel a total of 43 years combined and they have been out of school for a combined total of 136 years! Sounds to me like everyone is getting old!!!

My kids have ran fevers all weekend and I think they are teething again! Makes for a miserable time, but somehow we survived it anyway!

I was busy fighting fussy kids during the service and didn't get any pictures, but did manage to get them to pose for me after church! We went back up and had them stand by the old arch! Some of you may remember walking through that arch day after day!!!

Have a good week! Jonathan is going out of town for a couple of days which I am absolutely dreading! Guess I will be Mr and Mrs Mom this week!

Bye for now!


Leanna P.

How fun! I'm sure Jonathan P. woul have loved to have been there for that. Good luck with the teething. I think Lindsey is working on her 13th :)


Good pictures! I bet that was fun!

Sorry about the teething. Those moments are hard! They work so hard to get them in & then they get my Ben's age, only to start losing them. ;)


Annette doesn't look a day older than when I saw her last! I'm gonna have to come for a visit....


Boy that Donnie Walden is really handsome!!!! :)

Gene Davis

I really enjoyed your pics. Your Grandpa Thompson must have been so proud to see the results of all his labor. I am still amazed to see how everyone is getting more....mature looking!!!!!


Wow! My sister-in-law Annette is on the world wide web!! Harold is my brother. Do you go to the same Church and are you possibly Annette's cousin? Just curious??

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Karen Walden

Yes, we do attend the same church and yes, Annette is my 2nd cousin! Her Dad and My Grandpa are brothers! Small world, huh?! How in the world did you find my blog? Just wondering...


Oh the memories that go along with that arch~!