Monday, August 13, 2007


Parker loves his cousin, Kerrigan. She belongs to my sister-in-law, April and my brother. (Jeff is her step dad, she has a very good Daddy too!) Anyway, they are best buddies and love to play together. Kerrigan will start 2nd grade tomorrow and Parker won't be 5 until mid-September! A week or so ago, my mom took Parker and Kerrigan for the day and spoiled them! They had lunch of their choice, which was McDonald's, played at the indoor playground, and went to a bookstore and Kerrigan's choice store...Kohl's!!! They got Dairy Queen before ending their day! They had so much fun and it was sure nice of Grandma to take them and let them spend the day together without their siblings to pester them! She got them toys as well as all the other kids something too!

Thanks Grandma, we had so much fun together!!!
Parker and Kerrigan...



Oh my word, I have never personally known of another Kerrigan. I heard the name right after I had Janae. A mom called her daughter that in our library but I didn't know her nor did I ever see her again. I LOVED the name but we planned to call it quits at two kids (difficult pregnancies and issues after delivery thwarted my desire for four or six like we originally wanted). So, I didn't figure I'd ever get to use it. God decided otherwise :)


I believe Steven is cured of McDonald's. You see, he ate a cheeseburger the day after his surgery and later in the evening he got sick to his tummy and up-chucked. Now he associates the cheeseburger with him being sick, which had nothing to do with it, and can't stand the thought of eating another one. Now, if I could just cure Ashlee and Kelcee from their chicken nuggets we'd have it made...

Jody J

Ah! Maybe I could arrange a surgery for my kids so we could cure them of McDonalds! Isn't that every parents dream?

Leanna P.

Cousins are great! Lindsey loves it when cousins are visiting. Today, I told Lindsey that Jacob and Jenna were coming and that we had to take a bath. She started watching for them immediately. In fact, I found her standing on top of her little table watching out the front window for them. She loves them dearly. Cousins make great friends! :)


Looks like your son and cousin had a Great time together! How fun! My kids love getting with their cousins too. (Which doesn't happen very often, since we live in Colombia! =D)

Enjoyed the post about Donny and Amy being at your home and the quartet that sang at your church.

Take care,
Heather =)


What a good grandma to let them go play alone for awhile! They will always remember those special times!