Tuesday, August 28, 2007

School and Stomach Bug...

Parker had his first day of pre-school today! He went to this same pre-school last year so it was all familiar to him. He did just fine but couldn't remember what he did at school when we asked him!! Typical kid... I was supposed to work today but got some dreaded stomach virus and was up hourly during the night and still sick today! I got Parker up and got him dressed and was able to take a picture of him ,but then it was back to bed for me!! I sent the camera with Jonathan with specific instructions to take "a couple" of pictures and that is exactly what I got... Two! One was even slightly blurry but I will post it anyway!

The Stomach virus seems to have only been a 24hr bug and so far, no other Walden's have gotten the pleasure! Thank goodness...

That's all for now!


Jody J

Are we sure it's a bug????


Oh my Jody -- you'll give her a heart attack! LOL

Hope no one else gets it!


I think it must have been one of them there computer viruses. (Didn't Angie and Gene just have it at there house?)


I'll have to stay off the blogs for a while if that's the case, Sara, because I don't want it!

Karen Walden

Definitely a bug/virus girls... No chance of the other happening again! I made sure of that 19 months ago... :)(And, there's not been a day go by that I am not forever grateful that I did!!!)


LOL I hope you are feeling better! Parker looks like he's happy to be back. :)