Sunday, July 1, 2007

Special Prayer Request!

While most of the time, these blogs are used for fun and entertainment, I am also glad that we can use them to communicate needs to our fellow Christian friends! I have a special request that I would like for you all to help us pray about! A good friend of ours from church, Mary Jane McGuire, found out this past week that she has cancer. She doesn't know details yet, but meets with her doctor on Tuesday afternoon to find out options, etc. This is a very difficult time for her, as well as her husband, Chuck and their family. Several of you may know Mary Jane personally. Feel free to leave her a comment on here as she checks this blog daily! We know that God is in control and is able to take care of this situation as He sees fit! Please help us to pray for Mary Jane during this difficult time! If you think of her on Tuesday afternoon around 3pm, say a prayer for her and Chuck!

Thanks everyone!




I'm so sorry to hear that! Will definitely keep you in my prayers!


I'll be thinking about you Mary Jane and praying for you!!

Gene Davis

Mary Jane and Chuck are both in our thoughts and prayers!!!!


Sherry Gates

Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and love and miss you!


For Mary...

This is when we tough Missourian's have to show our stuff! We're "Survivors"!!! Of course you know you will be close in our thoughts & prayers. Especially tomorrow afternoon...

Sheila...& Bob too! :)

Angie Davis

Gene already said it, but I wanted to add that I'll be praying too.


Mary Jane and Chuck,
We are keeping you both in our prayers. We love you both very much. Hope to see you soon.

Jody J

We are praying. Keep us posted.


So sorry to hear that! I'm late posting - I pray the appointment went well.

Melody Hollin

Mary Jane and Chuck you are both in my thoughts and prayers.. I will say a prayer for both of you today around 3.. I have my church praying for you also.. take care!

Travis Johnson

Not only will Jody & I be praying, but our entire church family will as well.