Monday, July 16, 2007

Amishville USA!

Sunday morning, Jonathan had his "annual solo concert" at Amishville in Berne, Indiana! He has been singing at this campground for 15 years now and the past 11 years by himself! It is a really neat camp with lots of RV's and retired people spending their weekends there! We love to go to this place and look forward to it every year! They have "Chapel on the hill" and have a different singer or group come each week! It starts at 9:30am and only lasts one hour! (We don't even have to dress up as it is outdoors!) People bring their lawnchairs and sit on the hillside and listen to the ministry! It is a fun time and an annual event for the Walden family! Jonathan's brother, Donnie, brings tons of sound equipment as you can see from the pics below! (Jonathan says Donnie is the brains of the ministry!) We enjoy getting to spend the day with Donnie, Cammie and Jenny! As a bonus, we go to Jonathan and LuRhe's for dinner and spend the afternoon together! This is the only time of year we get to do this so it is a special treat for us! Jonathan's parents usually come, but couldn't this year as they are preaching in a camp right now in PA!
I took tons of pics and will post the one's at the Edwards farm another day! Right now it is time to shower and hit the hay!

Nite all!



How fun! I remember your mil telling us about that. I was wondering if you sing with him, then I saw the pic. Are you not an up-front person? Loved the pics, wish I could have heard the songs :)


I'm sure you did a good job Karen and all those people enjoyed it!


That looks like a fun time, Karen! Enjoyed the photos....!

Karen Walden

No, I do not like to get up front at all! My Dad is in charge of the music at our church and he "makes" me take my turn! I never volunteer... Jonathan called me up there on Sunday without us even practicing. I had a cold and about killed him! He said, "We'll see how submissive she is... Come on up, Karen!" I should've just sat there...