Monday, July 23, 2007


Mary Jane got a great report today! Everything came back "clear" in the final report! She was so happy when she called. Said she is feeling good and so glad to finally get that report back!!! She will still do radiation sometime but doesn't know those details yet! Thank you all for praying for her!!

Tonight we went to Sears for pictures! Another nightmare as usual. I just dread getting the kids pictures taken! The twins are nothing like Parker and never smile for the photographer! It is so hard getting two infants to look at the camera at the same time and for both of them to smile! Parker has always done great so they have high standards to live up to, and they are not doing too hot!!! We did a family shot, one of the twins together being sober, and Parker by himself! Not at all what I had in mind but I was completely "over it" by that point in time!! Maybe when they are #2 they will do better! (Doubt it but wishful thinking anyway!)

I left my camera at my Mom's yesterday so I don't have any new photos to post of our weekend. We spent it with our friends and ran all weekend!

Have a great week everyone!



I can't imagine trying to do photos with twins at that age, Karen. I went thru a spell where it was a pain trying to get both of my kids to look at the camera at the same time & to give you a smile that didn't look fake or like a grimace so I know what you mean. (And my kids are 2.5 years apart!) It will get better eventually! :)


Yep, it is so hard to get decent pictures sometimes. Kelcee is our sober one and so they work with her a lot trying to get her to smile. By the time she finally smiles half-way decent Steven's has become wobbly and fake. It has gotten better -- their Christmas picture last year was the best one yet! I've learned, though, that a lot of it for my kid has to do with the photographer. LOL

Sherry Gates

I feel your pain but the one who hates his pic taken is Jonathon and he is 17 years old! I told him he is getting sr. pics taken and he said that is dumb and what moron would want his pic!? I said his parents, grandparents and friends. He said if they want an ugly pic that is their fault. I think he is a cute young man! I think he is weird--a little! I know I am partial!


JCPenney's gave me a brochure once that had good ages for pics. I found it to be so totally true with my kids even around the house. But we did one photo session with all three girls and that's all we've ever done. I was too overwhelmed at getting them to the studio in one piece and not sleepy or grumpy. Our only local choice was WalMart. We had to drive a ways to get to Penney's or Sears, etc.


The pictures are great I enjoy your blog. Thanks