Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our friends the Myers...

This past Sunday, we were privileged to get to see our good friends, the Myers! Jonathan used to sing with John and Todd Myers in the "Singing Friends" quartet! He traveled with them for 4 years and knew them well! They are a great bunch of people and we don't get to see them very often anymore! We got to see John and Monica's house which was very neat! Such a peaceful place to live! Todd came to hear Jonathan sing and I just had to get his picture! (He is one of those silent bloggers who never comments!!!) Parker really liked Janae and loved her kitten! It was great to see all of you again!!!


Jody J

It would be great to see them again. We talk about going all the time, but never do. We need to all get together and go to Bandito's!

Karen Walden

Sounds good to us!!! (Still love that cheese dip!)

Travis Johnson

Alas, they just never sounded the same when a certain baritone/lead/bass player left...

Jonathan W

Travis, you are right, so many people missed the days when Daniel Edwards was with The Singing Friends!!!


When you see John again, tell him soccermom said hello! LOL He should know what I'm talking about.

Karen Walden

Michelle... I gave John the message! He knew exactly who you were!! :)


Are John and Monica near Celina? We aren't too far from there, and I was curious...

Karen Walden

Stephanie... They live in Berne, Indiana but they pastor at Happy Corner Friends Chuch on Sunday mornings. Jonathan says is near Celina. Berne is about a 20-25 minute drive for them. They only have Sunday am services at their church. They attend Nottingham Friends on Sunday evening and Wednesdays.


Love the comment, Jonathan! Made me smile! And, yes, Jody, we DO all need to get together at Bandido's! Sounds great! Jonathan, give me a call!

Karen Walden

TODD!!! You finally left a comment! Thanks so much! It would be great if everyone could get together again sometime! We still talk about that time 10 years ago we all got together and met at your parents house the night before the reunion concert! It was so much fun! Visiting, eating, the wagon ride, etc!!!


I forgot all about that! It was very fun! Great times... And yes, I posted! I'm no longer the silent blogger...