Thursday, July 5, 2007

We were so young...

Since tomorrow is our #11th anniversary, I thought I would post our engagement picture a day ahead! (So you can prepare yourself for how young and skinny we were way back then!) My how times have changed... I won't be posting a current picture! HA! I have several of our wedding pictures scanned for tomorrow and you may recognize a person or two in some of them! Check out the wedding party for fellow bloggers, and who are those Bible bearers? I have been trying to think of some things to post that you may not know about Jonathan, (like Angie did about Gene) but can't come up with anything too exciting! Oh, well... at least I will have those wonderful wedding photos for you to laugh about!!!



LOL That's how we always refer to ourselves from back then too - young & skinny! :)

I enjoyed seeing your engagement picture! You look happy! :)