Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy #40th Birthday LuRhe...

Today, Jonathan's sister, LuRhe Edwards is officially "Over the Hill..." We want to wish her a great birthday and want her to know we are thinking of her today! Hope she doesn't get too many "shoebox greeting" birthday cards!!! It's hard to believe you are that old!

We love you very much!
See you in July!



I can't believe she is that old either. Come to think about it...40 is becoming younger to me as time marches on. After all, I will hit that mark sooner that I would like to admit! :) Tell her she doesn't look 40.

Angie Edwards

Thanks Karen, for letting me know you posted for LuRhe. I'll be sure and let her know she needs to come and look! She was frantically preparing to entertain the HSBC quartet tonight - all birthday long. Congrats on breaking the bottle habit ... I haven't quite quit Timothy's all together since it really helps him relax to go to sleep. He FIGHTS otherwise!! Have a great eve.

Jody J

You guys coming to PC any? If you are let me know. We wouldn't want to miss you.

Karen Walden

Jody...I doubt we make it up there this year to camp. We talked about it, but Jonathan really hates to fight the kids in that many services on the weekend. I work Friday and Sunday and we are having company on Saturday. Maybe next year will be better when they are older!? (We have for sure hit the terrible two's this week... Tempers!!!!)

Angie Davis

40 used to be old to me. Not anymore, though. It's looking younger all the time!

Sherry Gates

I would feel sorry for her but I hit that mark in Feb. I think LuRhe was next to the youngest in our class. Lucky girl! She is still beautiful~no fair!


Karen, my name is Leah and I am a friend of LuRhe's from Yearly Meeting. Please tell LuRhe that I said Happy Birthday. Angie, I have a blog also, if you would like to visit just click on my name! Hope to see you all in August!