Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday night tidbits...

Last night, we had our "5th Sunday Sing" at church! It is something new we are trying and everyone seems to enjoy it! Anyone that wants can participate, and we have people sing that night that normally don't ever get up front! Just a fun evening and something different to do 4 times a year!!!

At the beginning of the service, my Grandpa had a little boy come up front and show everyone how big of a fish he had caught on his vacation! He held his arms out and showed everyone and was grinning. (He caught a 30 inch fish and just turned 6!) Everyone clapped for him! Well, Parker had been watching all of this and he leaned over to me and said, "Mom, can I go up front and show everyone my muscles?" :) I about cracked up, but quickly told him "No" and to please sit in his seat...

Parker sang with us for the first time in church last night also! He sang LOUD and had a mic as well! He doesn't quite sing on tune all the time and it makes it difficult for me to keep on the correct lead notes, but we survived and everyone loved it. Parker was so excited about singing. Guess we better not discourage him by telling him he can't carry a tune!!!

When I went to put my glasses on this morning, they seemed to not feel just right and were sitting a little crooked. I discovered that one of the nose pads is MIA! Guess that warrents the kids and I a trip to town today! YEE HAW!

Have a great day!