Friday, July 6, 2007

"Happy Anniversary to Us..." they are! I only wish we looked that good again! Happy Anniversary, Jonathan! I can't believe it has been #11 years already! The time has really gone fast! (Remember when I used to pray that the Lord would "hold off" His returning until after I could get married!? How funny!) I love you very much and am looking forward to our "date" tonight!!!

Click on the picture below to view a few of our wedding photos!
Our Wedding Photos


Angie Davis

Now that you're married, do you ever find yourself praying for the SWIFT return of the Lord? :)


Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your day!


I love seeing everyone's wedding pictures. Thanks for posting yours. I remember your wedding day well. I LOVE the outdoor picture. Just who are those handsome little guys??? :)


BTW, I still get them mixed up on occasion...about as identical as you can get! :)


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Talk about a flash-back! Those little Wheeler girls sure were cute little babies. What on earth happened. And who is the humongo gal with the enormous bangs and honkin' bow? Talk about weird!! You and Jonathan look like such babies! Happy 11th anniversary!

Aunt Carol


Can anyone share? Who ARE the handsome little guys. Thought maybe I would gain some insight here but did not :( Probably no one I know, but I am curious anyway.

Whose car? What an awesome photo!

Karen Walden

Guess you figured out that those cute little boys are Todd and Tyler Lemon. The car is my Dad's 1961 Chevy Impala! (1 of the 10 in his collection!)