Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Parker and Pauline!

Several of you may know this lady!!! Pauline is a dear lady in our church who has been the nursery teacher for over 30 years! She was my teacher as well as several of you bloggers! She is now teaching my children and they all love her! She is in her early 80's now, recently diagnosed with colon cancer, (She has been hiding that from everyone) has been doing radiation, and loves driving her new convertible! Parker loves Pauline's car without a roof!" She takes him for rides around the parking lot and he thinks he is big stuff... (Some of you may remember her doing donuts in the church parking lots years ago!) A sweet lady who has taken care of many babies in her lifetime! I snapped this picture of the two of them a week ago and wanted to share it with those of you who know her! She is someone who never changes!!!



Great picture.. GREAT lady.. I still have a cup from her that she gave me when I was in her sunday school class.... We need to get together.. I need a singer for my wedding in 2008... and songs Outside Angie D can give you my email address

Sherry Gates

Yes, I do remember those days of the donuts. She was always the "cool" lady because she did those things.

Gene Davis

She was my first Sunday School teacher too!!!


Awww....she sounds like a nice lady. The kind I would want to take care of my babies too. =)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I just realized that you were LuRhe's sister-in-law. How neat! I don't know her really well, but we did hit it off when we were at their church for Deputation. I loved her yummy meal, and pretty table. Those are my favorite things to do, cooking a fun meal, and setting a pretty table. =)

I also have the Walden's CD from way back when, and we enjoy it.

Take care, and it was nice "meeting" you through your blog.
Love, Heather in Colombia =)