Friday, July 13, 2007


Today we all met Daddy at Parker's favorite restaurant for lunch! (Ugh!) It is a beautiful day here in Indiana and the weather is perfect! We decided to let him play on the playground after he finished eating. He always begs to do this but we never have the time! He had fun playing tag with some other kids there and the twins had fun watching through the window. We couldn't let them out there as they would've gotten trampled!
After lunch, we went to Mommy's favorite store!! TARGET!!! Yea! (It is impossible to leave that store without spending $100.00!)
Here are a couple of pictures I took today at lunch! Can you believe my camera even goes with me to McDonald's???

Hope you all have a great weekend!!
Lunch at McDonald's!


Angie Davis

I want to live there! (Target--not McDonald's)


I agree (wanna live at Target). Love Paige's shirt - I need one like that! I was looking at the pic of the McD's sign and thinking, "Wow that number has really gone up!" When I was little I remember it saying 25 (I wanna say million rather than billion but that might really "date" me) and thought that meant how many the restaurant could hold :)


I love Target's kids clothes! and I think I need that shirt for 2 little girls who live in this house........

Jonathan W

I want to know why McDonald's is still counting? Are they expecting someone to drive by and go, "Oh, over 99 Billion served, must be good, stop the car!"

Sherry Gates

Seth is my only kid that likes McD's! Lucky us since the majority rules! Sometimes I get him something through the drive thru! I miss Target.

Karen Walden

By the way girls... Paige's shirt came from Target just last week!!!