Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sears pictures...



Those are good, Karen. I really like the family pics!


Too funny - I was getting ready to post the same thing Michelle said. ;) I think they turned out really nice & I especially like the family one.

I love Paige's dress too. (I love polka-dots!) :)


Everyone was smiling nicely in the black and white family photo! That one turned out really well. I even like the one of the twins not smiling. Don't you just love it when they refuse to smile? Bryson was the same way. Fortunately, Jillian is just the opposite. They will grow out of it. I think studios (and even the photographers) scare kids sometimes.

Sherry Gates

Well, even without smiles they are adorable! You all are! A beautiful family!!!

Jody J

I loved the pics. Adorable family. Well, you and the kids anyway. I really wouldn't say Jonathan is adorable! :-)

Leanna P.

Great pics. I absolutely love pictures and you got some great ones. I like the family pictures and the ones of the kids. Our babies are growing up way to fast. I am in the same boat with you as far as the studio picture sessions go. Lindsey did great through he first 7 studio sessions and then on her 1st Birthday, it was all over and it hasn't been the same since. I tried it again at 16 months and that was a no go as well. She turned 18 months last Sunday and I havn't taken her yet, but I will be soon. Wish me luck!