Thursday, July 26, 2007


This story happened some time ago and for some reason I had never shared it with all of you! I just thought of it again this evening and decided to let you in on the chuckle!

Jonathan's parents were here babysitting the kids and they had brought down some "Zingers" with them. Jonathan's dad told Parker to "try one" and gave him a chocolate one to try! Parker took one bite, looked at the zinger and sat it down by his plate. He didn't say anything and didn't eat any more of it! A few minutes later, Jonathan's dad asked Parker if he was going to eat any more of the zinger! Parker shook his head "no!" Jonathan's dad asked Parker if he liked the zinger and Parker very seriously said, "No, I don't like that bird poop that is inside of it!" Grandpa Don about cracked up!!!