Monday, July 9, 2007


On Friday night we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Indianapolis to celebrate our #11th anniversary! Jonathan's parents were babysitting and we were on a date! We have been to this steakhouse several times for "special" occasions! We LOVE the food there, especially their filets! They cook their steaks at 1800 degrees and serve them on a 500 degree plate, sizzling with butter! (Always ask for extra butter when you are ordering your steak too!) It is a very nice place to eat, not formal, but very elegant!

Towards the end of our meal, our waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything special that evening. Jonathan told her we were celebrating our #11th anniversary and she said she would bring us our some chocolate covered strawberries (which they have done in the past) as well as some champagne!!!!!!!!!!!! She walked off before we could say, Just bring the strawberries please!" While she was gone, I was saying, "What are we going to do? Let's stop her and tell her we really don't want the champagne, etc!" Jonathan thought they might bring it out in a bottle and we just wouldn't have to open it! (Now remember, we have been here multiple times, and for this same occasion, and they always bring the strawberries but never have they offered us champagne!)

The next time we see our waitress, here she comes bringing our shiny, black plate with two chocolate covered strawberries on it and "Happy Anniversary" written in white icing, AND our two glasses of poured champagne!!!!!!!!! Oh, no... now what do we do!? We thanked her and she left out table! I have never smelled champagne before but it smelled terrible, like beer to me! We just left our glasses bubbling while we ate our strawberries!
Jonathan now gets this bright idea to pour some of his champagne in his "almost empty" Coke glass so it will appear as if he drank some of it!!! (I still have not touched mine!) Our waitress comes by our table again later and grabs our Coke glasses and says, "I will get you two more refills..." I say to Jonathan, "Do you think she will bring out the same glasses?" He says, "NO...they wouldn't do that at a nice restaurant like this. They will get us new glasses!" I see her in the kitchen with a hose pouring our Coke into the glasses but didn't see if they were "new" or not... She brings out our new Cokes and sits them down... Jonathan picks up his glass, takes a huge gulp, and.....................................(you guessed it!) NOT new glasses! YUCK!!! Spiked Coke!!! I was dying laughing by this time! He said it tasted like fizzy vinegar!! Needless to say, I didn't try it and he didn't take another drink of Coke for the rest of the meal. He did put a hurt on his water glass though!! It was quite hilarious and we were dying laughing about the whole scenario! (Jonathan told me I might have to be the designated driver that evening!) He was fine, but says that has to be an acquired taste! He doesn't ever care to taste that again!

It was a fun and memorable evening but next year when we go, we will be sure to refuse the champagne!!! Lesson learned...


Gene Davis

We love Ruth's Chris.....great steaks. Remind me sometime to tell you a story about my wife's experience with the not-diet-coke!!

Travis Johnson

That's priceless!! "If the ocean were whiskey & I were a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and never come hic-up."


I dunno - Jonathan looks like he's clutching that glass like a professional........!! LOL :) (J/K!)

You guys look great! Happy Anniversary!


Hmmmm...should I name names here? Yep, I think I will. Jerry Cooper, his fiance, Janiece, her sister, Mary and boyfriend (who later became husband) John Baker, Tony and I ate at an upscale restaurant in our home town. Mary and I ordered "non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris", Jerry ordered a "virgin strawberry daiquiri" for Janiece. He had to be proper and got Mary and I in trouble since they brought us alcoholic ones. We thought the color was a little richer than Janiece's, but the guys told us we were crazy. We downed it and then when scrutinizing our bill found out the truth. I felt a bit relaxed for the rest of the evening. Like you said...lesson learned :)


Ha ha! That'll teach you to eat in a restaurant that serves! Stick to the "old paths," friends, and you won't have these kinds of problems. Oh what happens when we leave the narrow paths of righteousness. May the Lord have mercy on your souls and help you to be better examples.


Steve Hight

Jonathan W

Thanks Rev Anonymous! We will see you next year at Golden Corral! Little easier on the wallet too!!


Karen, I don't know why you guys waited on the waitress to serve you champagne. You should have grabbed one of those wines sitting behind you and popped open a cork or two before she even offered. :o)


Sara....I'm so disappointed! LOL

Funny story, Karen!


Someone could use that picture for some blackmail down the road....Hmmm.
Funny story!

Sherry Gates

hhhmmm...I guess you should be thankful you didn't have an accident on the way home. That would of been some kind of pic in the paper! Not a good thing!