Thursday, July 5, 2007

A recap of our holiday...

We had a good 4th of July! Jonathan's parents came to babysit the twins and we went to Cincinnati for the Reds game! Parker told us in the elevator of the parking garage that he "didn't feel so good..." (He gets terribly car sick and we had to wind up to the 7th floor of the parking garage!) He was running around in the lobby of this very nice building with all marble trying to find a place to "get sick!" The revolving door was locked and he finally found a door that worked! Outside at last! Jonathan kept telling him he would be okay now that he was getting fresh air... All of a sudden, he threw up all over the side walk and was hanging over the curb. (Not a pretty sight!) There were homeless people standing there staring at us! Poor kid... He was fine once he threw up and ready for the game! (Even ate a slice of pizza later...)
The game was nice and there was a lot of scoring. Jonathan was completely discusted as Barry Bonds didn't even play!!!! During the 8th inning, a downpoor came out of no where and everyone got drowned! The crew was trying to put the tarp down, and the winds were so strong it picked up one guy who was hanging on the corner and drug him across the field. It was hilarious, but I did not have my camera out in the rain! They had a rain delay for almost an hour but we didn't end up staying! I hadn't gotten any sleep from working 3rd shift and was ready to get home! (The Reds ended up losing anyway!)
Jonathan's parents had fun with the twins and stayed for a while after we retuned home. We got a few shots in the back yard before calling it a day! No big fireworks at the Walden household on the 4th!
July 4th, 2007



Nothing like a good rain to empty those seats! Looks like you guys had a good time AND front row seats! If you are ever up this way again and need a place to stay, give us a call. You were only about 35 minutes from us.