Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Update on Mary McGuire!

Mary went to see her doctor this afternoon and got a good report! They told her that her cancer is in Stage 1. (The best out of the three stages!) She will have a MRI and then surgery on July 18th! She will have radiation twice a day for five days and no chemotherapy! They told her that her cancer is 97% curable!!! What a huge answer to prayer! Thank you everyone for your prayers and comments! Mary Jane said she really appreciates it!!! (She looked so much better tonight at church!!!) Hopefully she will sleep better tonight now that she got a good report! Keep her in your prayers and I will keep you posted!!!



That's great!! Including this one I had 3 answers to prayer yesterday!!


Mary Jane, we're glad for this good news. Keep your chin up and keep Chuck in line, and we'll trust for things to all turn out all right.

Steve Hight