Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fevers, snotty noses and fussy kids...

I called in to work today to stay home with my sick kids! (Now I am thinking I would've been better off to send them to Grandma's!) Peyton was up most of the night with a 102 degree temperature! Motrin would not bring it down. Finally, a combination of Motrin and Tylenol broke the fever at almost 6am! Paige doesn't have the fever but has the snotty nose and crankieness like her brother! I was lucky enough get the cough and snotty nose too! My camera is at my Mom's or I could take a few pictures of some gross looking kids for ya! So... I am staying home all day doing laundry, and trying to keep my sanity with screaming kids!!! (Thank goodness it is almost naptime!!!!)

Happy Wednesday everyone!



So sorry they aren't feeling well. It's the pits, isn't it? I don't feel like I can get anything done when mine are sick.


Thinking of you today while my kids are outside playing and I'm sitting at the computer in peace. I wanted to point out that the thermometer on your post sure does show a low temp! (celsius :)

Karen Walden

I know! I couldn't find one that showed what mine said! 102.0 F :) Kids are still screaming while JW and Parker are at church!!! Can't wait until bedtime!!!


Hope the kids are doing better today!

Jody J

How are the kids? We've escaped the fevers, but have bad runny noses!

Angie Davis

Don't jinx us--we'll get it just in time for camp! Hope everyone is feelin better.

Karen Walden

Kids were better today, I did go to work but Peyton was still running a fever. I think it is his teeth! Hope he sleeps better tonight...


I'm glad they are doing better today. Hopefully they are all better soon!