Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Thompson!

Today is my Grandma's #79th birthday! I have a wonderful Grandma and have been priviledged to have her for my Pastor's wife my entire life. I have many great memories of my dear Grandma... praying around the altar with different ones, including myself, talking on the phone for many hours to the church ladies, getting blessed in a church service, working for hours in her yard, seeing her speeding down the highway, smelling her perfume when she walks in to church, and many, many more... Due to Grandma's current health condition, she is no longer able to perform most of these duties. In recent years she has suffered a heart attack, survived breast cancer and now is suffering from "memory loss..." She is still a faithful supporter of her family and church family and a real sweetheart! We miss the "old" Grandma very much but still love her dearly! Happy Birthday, Grandma!!! We love you very much and are glad we got to see you today!