Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monkey see, monkey do...

(Monkey get in trouble too!) We call Miss. Paige "Monkey Do" around here! She is such a copy cat and is always getting into trouble for it! I found her this shirt at Target and just "had" to get it for her!
I had to work today so Jonathan was home with the kids for 14+ hours and did he ever have a time! Paige got put in her "time out bed" three times today by her daddy! :( She was such a naughty girl, she pealed a piece of my apple wallpaper off of my dining room wall today! Yikes... Jonathan tried to get her to say "bad girl" but she will only say, "bad bo!" I cannot imagine the terrible two's! Dear me...
Below are a couple of recent photos of the kids. The little boy with Parker is his friend, Collin Dunn. Parker is 11 days older than him and tower's over him! This was taken at Collin's house last weekend!
We are having a "5th Sunday sing" tomorrow night at our church! Maybe I will sneak in my camera! Hope I remember to turn the flash off!! :)
Happy Sabbath...

July 2007



Cute, cute, cute! I want to pinch Peyton's little cheeks!!

Collin is adorable as well! Do you have pictures of the baby?