Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Daddy's ballgame!

Last night we went to Daddy's ball game and they won! Hurray! It was a beautiful night and Grandma and Grandpa Thompson even came to watch! As we were leaving, we were standing behind the fence talking to them and a foul ball came over the top of the fence, bounced off Paige's side of the stroller and hit Grandma's right foot! OUCH!! She instantly got a huge knot on top of her foot! They got some ice for her and we helped her to the car. She seemed to be okay but it will probably be swollen and sore for a few days! (Randy Dunn said he would rather it have hit him in the head than to have hit Sister Thompson in the foot! That's love!) Below are a few pictures I took at the game! (Jonathan is always getting after me because I am always taking pictures of the kids at the game and never the players! These are for you, honey!)
We have prayer meeting tonight and then fireworks in town at 10pm! I have to be at work at 11pm to work my nightshift "holiday!" Ugh! Hope I remember how to stay awake all night!
Daddy's Baseball game


Sherry Gates

Well of course you take pics of the kids.......we all know they are much cuter! ;)