Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sundays are always hectic!

We actually got to church early today! Yea! I wanted to snap a few pictures of the kids before they got all wrinkled and their hair got messed up but that didn't happen! Today was quite an adventurous day for the Walden kiddos. Parker shut the tips of his fingers in PaPaw's car door after church, Paige shut hers in the bathroom door at Grandma's house and tonight busted her lip on the coffee table and drew blood! The biggest scare of the day happened to Mr Peyton! He nearly choked on a half of a small plastic Easter egg. (I'll spare you all the details, it is too scary to talk about!) I panicked (for real) but was able to finally grab it. He survived and those eggs got thrown in the trash by Grandma! It was a beautiful day and Grandma took the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine on Palm Sunday! Unfortunately, all those things that happened today are not an April Fool's joke!



Sounds like quite the day! Glad everyone is okay, fingers and all! Kelcee choked on a penny once when she was barely crawling and I had to do the Heimlich, so I know how scared you were! I felt like my limbs were made of Jell-O when it was all over with.