Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa Brown

Today would have been my Grandpa Brown's #83rd birthday! My Grandpa Brown passed away in September of 2004 from a quick illness. He had been out here to see us for a visit just three weeks before his death. We took pictures of him and Parker the night before he left, never dreaming that would be our last photo of him!
Mom went to Kansas to visit a couple of weeks later and the day she arrived, Grandpa was pretty sick. He just blew it off as a really bad cold but went to the Dr shortly after Mom arrived. I am sure he nor anyone else ever dreamed that when he left his house that afternoon, he would never be back. His doctor sent him straight to the hospital and he was admitted with Pneumonia. He seemed to progressivly get worse despite treatment and ended up having to be placed on the ventilator. Mom and my Aunt Carol were very faithful to stay at the hospital with Grandpa during this time. Mom was so thankful that she just happened to be out there for a planned visit. Grandpa's illness developed into ARDS and he was on the ventilator for 10 days. The morning that the doctor's had told my mom and Aunt that they had a decision to make, Grandpa made it for them! He decided he would rather go see Grandma and Jesus and peacefully went to Heaven.
We were so fortunate to have our entire family there with him the weekend before his death. Grandpa squeezed mine and my brother's hand when we were leaving to "reassure" us that he knew we were there!! I will never forget that squeeze!
Like my Grandma Brown, I have many found memories of my Grandpa too! He would tease me about boys, lay a big kiss on me when he walked in the door from Kansas, put hot mustard on my retainer, made the best homemade ice cream ever, always would testify at our church when he came to visit, and he loved to sing loud in church, even though it wasn't perfect pitch! HA! He also had some famous sayings that he would always tell us: "I would like to buy you for what you are worth and sell you for what you think you are worth," "A willful waste will bring a woeful want" and "A penny saved is a penny earned." I could go on and on but it doesn't mean near as much to you all as it does to us!
I miss both of my grandparents very much and miss our wonderful family times with them and my family in Kansas. I know both of my grandparents are with Jesus now and someday I will see them again!
Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandpa!
I love you!
Your Granddaughter,



Your grandpa was so sweet! I'm glad you have those wonderful memories of him!