Friday, April 6, 2007

We went to "Mexico" tonight!

Jonathan was off work today but I wasn't... I am not sure if he had such a "Good Friday" being home all day with the kids, but they enjoyed staying home!

The Twins are 15 months old today! Hard to imagine. We went to "Mexico Veijo" tonight after I got off work! The twins both threw
fits until we let them have a drink of pop! Can you believe they want to drink pop instead of milk?? We are terrible parents for letting them try it in the first place. Now they know what it is!

Tomorrow we are having and Easter Brunch/Egg hunt at my Mom and Dad's so I am sure there will be more to Blog about tomorrow night!

Have a great Easter weekend!
Hope you have a jacket to match your Easter outfit!


Nicole Cassady

We're supposed to be heading to Bandido's tomorrow for lunch with the gang! Runs a tough race w/ Mexico Veijo, don't you say? I would say forget the Easter eggs and come up to join us, but I don't think your children OR the grandparents would be too happy with that idea! So, we'll just eat a chip for you! Have a good time hunting those eggs!


Kelcee was the same way with pop! She always knew we had it. Even now, if we bring home food and drinks after we're all done she'll go around the table and finish mine and Rodney's pop. She even gloats about it! We've learned to put it somewhere out of her reach if we want to keep it.