Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Look what I got!!!!!!!!

Jonathan decided after a month of my blogging that I needed my own laptop!! By the way, today is my one month Blog-a-versary!!! The kids still scream every time I go upstairs to get on the computer and I can only take that for so long... I usually just come downstairs due to "shot nerves!" I have been stealing Jonathan's laptop every night now to Blog so I can be "with the family!" Now I get my very own computer and can blog day and night.. The kids won't mind at all since I will be downstairs with them!!! Jonathan is trying to get it set up as I write this post but he is actually snoring! Guess I won't get to do much tomorrow until he gets home again!
By the way... we bought the 3yr accidental damage protection plan just in case we decide to crush it with a recliner!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night all!



Cool! My kids are used to me being on the computer -- good thing since it's part of my job!

Angie Davis

My washer is around 20 years old and I still don't have a dishwasher. I'm guessing a laptop won't be popping up around here...


Aren't laptops great! We gave Bryson our old desktop and I got the new one. Shane purchased a laptop for work and home use. Often, all three are being used at once. Technology is just too convenient, and what would we do without it?


Congratulations on your new laptop! I know you will enjoy it a lot more now that you don't have to try to get away from the babies. I thought I might like one, but then thought again---as my fingers might be too arthritic for that little mouse! (Can you use a desktop mouse with it?) Have fun! Love, Mom

Karen Walden

Mom, This laptop doesn't have that little button like Jonathan's. It has a square area that you just run your finger around in that block. (I am not used to that yet!) We did get a wireless mouse that we haven't set up yet. Sure is nice sitting in the recliner and being online at the same time!!!