Monday, April 9, 2007

Hunting Eggs...

You know from my post on Saturday that we had an Easter egg hunt at my Mom's house. Well...we "thought" we found them all!!! We only hide plastic eggs just in case we don't find them all. Well, Mom had a lady come clean her house today and she warned her that she might find some leftover eggs upstairs. She came downstairs and told Mom she "hit the jackpot!" She found 2 plastic eggs and 1 REAL egg! She said she found it in a Longaberger basket! We have no idea where that egg came from nor do we have any idea how long it had been "hidden!" We think it is several years old and Mom said it smelled bad! Mom was mortified when the lady came carrying that egg downstairs! I think it is hilarious! Just wanted to share that story and picture with you!!


Aunt Carol

Karen Lynn, I about died laughing when I read your mom's mail and saw the attached picture! That has to be one an egg my little girls did quite a few years ago! I found a picture of them coloring eggs at your mom's, dated March 29, 1997!
I'm enjoying your blog, by the way. What a great way to keep up-to-date with your darling little family.
Keep up the great work.
Miss you and love you bunches!
Aunt Carol


Too funny! Evidently she doesn't use that basket very often?! heehee